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Community Council Minutes January 2015

Monimail Community Coucil Minutes from last weeks meeting are now available (Well done Karin!!)

Find out about School Brae, Monimail Road and the new Street lights….



This is a reminder to NHTT’s AGM, which will be held this Thursday (22nd)in Collessie Hall at 7.30.nhtt

At the meeting in December there was a good discussion about the Bakery and it was decided that the Doorstep Bakery would close on 31st December, which has now happened. I know there is support out there for the Bakery’s activities but at the meeting there was no specific proposal tables for a new Bakery to take over and nobody gave notice that they wanted to take a role as a Director of NHTT.

Therefore at the meeting on Thursday there will be tabled a motion to close NHTT. It is possible that members will stand as Director then and that members propose a new Bakery. These will be considered by the members and Directors if that happens.

The draft agenda comprises:

1. Chairs Report
2. Treasurer Report
3. Accountant
4. Doorstep Bakery Update
5. Other Groups Update
6. New Directors
7. Motion to Close NHTT
8. Any Other Business
9. Date of the Next Meeting

If any members wish to table an item for the agenda, can you please email this to me.

I look forward to seeing some of you on Thursday.

Best wishes, Tom

Tom Morton Chair

Letham Primary School pupils praised as articulate, confident and highly motivated

Letham Primary School has been praised by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education (HMIE) following their recent inspection.

The report highlights a number of key strengths including: articulate, motivated and creative children who attain very well; very effective leadership and the dedication of staff. The inspector also commented on the outstanding approaches to learning about sustainability, citizenship and global issues; the warm and supportive atmosphere created by the staff and the strong partnerships with parents and the community.

The Staff were praised for their consistently high-quality, reflective teaching. The report commends regular pupil involvement in decision-making, through their contribution to planning, assessing and target setting. The teachers provide stimulating lessons and set tasks at the right level of difficulty for all pupils, creating enthusiastic, highly motivated children.

In addition to this, inspectors found International Education (the school’s link with Makande Primary School in Malawi) continued to be excellent. Children benefit significantly from sharing their learning as well as participating in enterprise opportunities. The inspector also praised the strong and successful approaches to self-evaluation; the development of children’s skills for life and work through the caring and stimulating ethos for learning created by the school.

Former Headteacher, Ian Macaulay and Acting Headteacher, Louise Rennie said: “We are delighted that HMIE have endorsed the approaches which the staff team has developed, and that they encouraged the school to continue sustaining the quality of provision. We would like to congratulate all the staff, parents and children for creating a school that is a happy and enjoyable learning experience for all.”

Cllr. Bryan Poole, Executive Spokesperson for Children, Families and Young People, added his congratulations. He said: “The recent HMIE Inspection at Letham Primary School is absolute proof that the children attending Letham PS are getting the best possible start on their life’s journey. Everything that makes a great school is in place at Letham – good school leaders, past and present; excellent classroom teachers delivering an innovative, creative and stimulating curriculum with great back up from other staff and parents. We’ve known for some time that Letham PS has been a very good school but its pleasing that following the recent HMIE inspection they, independently, arrived at the same conclusion.

I’d like to congratulate everyone connected with the school for all the work they do in providing the very best learning opportunities for their children. Well done to all.”

Full report available here

Dog Fouling

There has been a notable increase in the amount of dog fouling in the paths and open areas around Letham.

Here are 3 reasons why you should pick up your dog’s mess off paths, roads and verges (including farm tracks)

  • It’s ANTI SOCIAL. Nobody like standing in it, nobody likes seeing it, nobody likes smelling it. We are privileged to live in such a beautiful area and runners, cyclist and children frequently use the paths and tracks in the area.


  • It’s DANGEROUS. The Toxicara Roundworm is a toxocariasis-toxocara-roundwormparasite that exists naturally in most dogs but which is found in dog faeces. (This one has just eaten its way out of a child’s eye.) This can cause blindness, brain or liver damage. Children under 10 are most at risk.


  • Its ILLEGAL. The Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003 makes it an offence not to clear up after you. Not being aware of your dog defecating is not an excuse nor is not having a bag. The legislation applies to any public open place and only requires one eyewitness.

Please pick up your dogs mess and deposit in any of the village’s bins.

Monimail Community Council Meeting Papers

An Agenda Paper for the Meeting on January 12th 2015 can be downloaded on the folllowing link.


Meeting Minutes fron November 2014 can be read or downloaded here


Potholes, Street lights, obstructions, flooding….

Anyone can report faults to Fife Council through the this link or by phoning 03451  550099.

it takes two minutes and you can ask for feedback on your query.




January 2015 Community Council Meeting

The first Monimail Community Council meeting of the new Quadrennial will be take place in Lethan Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 12th January 2015.

Everybody is very welcome.

Why not sign up on the left to receive and agenda, minutes and relevant meeting papers by email?



Come along and bring in the NEW YEAR with all the family at Collessie Victory Hall Annual Ceilidh!
From 7.30pm until late, first dance at 8pm, doors close 8.30pm.
Bring a main course and dessert for your party and a Pot Luck supper will be served at 9.30pm.
Adults £14 Children £5
Contact Arlene for tickets on 07792676543, 01337 810341 or

Letham Primary School Ceilidh

“The Letham Primary School Ceilidh is being held in Letham Village Hall on Saturday 29th November at 6.30pm- 8.30pm

£4 adults
£2 children

with proceeds going to School Funds and the Malawi Garden Project.

Baking, raffle, tea/coffee.

Bring your own table refreshments.”

Phonebox Defibrillator

adoptaboxFor a number of years now the BT phone box in the village has been operating on a credit card only basis. It is rarely if ever used. The Community Council do however want to retain the box as a key part of the village architecture but will consider a proposal to remove the telephony equipment and instead install a defibrillator .

We plan to work with the Community Heartbeat charity to achieve this and to that end Kirsty Drummond who has arranged  for a similiar project in Ladybank will attend the community council and give a talk about it.

As always, all members of the  community are invited to observe and indeed participate in the community council proceedings but a special welcome is extended to anyone with an interest in supporting this life saving project.

The Community Council meets on the second Monday of the ‘odd’ months so the next meeting will be 7.30pm, Monday 10th November 2014 at Letham Village Hall.