Monimail Community Council – Minutes of meeting, 10th August 2009

  1. Present :
    A. Arbuckle; D. Dallas; J. Fairley; W. Fenton; B. Forrest; J. Gordon; D. Hamilton; B. Holden; S. Jones; H. Laidlaw; P. Laidlaw; S. McCann; G. MacLean; K. MacLean; N. Mossman; B. Robertson; J. Rotheram; B. Service; G. Smith; J. Vaughan

2. Apologies : C. Gilbert; M. Grossert; L. Harvie; A. MacGilchrist; G. Mossman

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting : accepted

4. Matters Arising

Letham Toll : BEAR Scotland : there are some white markings sprayed on the road therefor looks like some work is due. Three emails have been sent since the last meeting with no response! There are still issues being raised about parked/stopped vehicles in the “run-in” area at the Toll – BEAR to be written to again to re-emphasise  Cllr Arbuckle is due to meet BEAR representatives this week about other issues so will mention our issues then.

–          Travel Plan : no update.

–          Whinney Park : after discussions in April a work order was raised. This is to be chased up as nothing has been done as yet. Cllr Arbuckle to chase this.

–          Monimail Cemetry : collapsed grave still to be repaired, manhole cover at the letterbox is still broken. Colin Gilbert is to investigate this.

–          Tree Trimming : Issue with trees in The Row growing and telephone wires now running through the branches. BT state it is not their responsibility however if the Village was happy for the trees to be trimmed it would not be an issue – BT will not do the work though.

Not sure if the Council would do this – AA to find out

–          The Row Verge – Council trim twice per annum, once at the end of May and again at the end

of the season

–          Ballantager – Letham Path : This was included in the various letters to BEAR – still no response.

–          Bow Road Sewage : A letter has been received stating raw sewage in the roadside burn not really being an issue! This is to be taken up with the water board as this will only get worse with the few extra proposed houses in the area. Could be a long-term issue

5. Planning

Fife Council Planning were contacted about the Satellite Dishes at The Toll and The Row. They have no record of either being requested through planning. Unfortunately we did not have the response from planning at the meeting, however, for the record the response states that “… satellite dishes are acceptable in Conservation Areas as long as they are not within view of a public road”

The owner of one of the properties commented that she was unhappy about how this issue has been raised and surely the tenants of her property should have been contacted as they are very unhappy about what was in the minutes. It was pointed out that the job title of “Enforcement Officer” seems a bit harsh however all they do would view the property and if deemed inappropriate, then further discussion would take place.  Councillor Arbuckle pointed out that it is the responsibility of the Householder and not the tenant to ensure any planning regulations are complied with.

It was suggested that the dish should be moved away from it’s current position so that it is out of site like the rest of the dishes in the village which are generally in people’s back gardens!

It was agreed that the Tenants are contacted before taking the matter further with Council planning. It was agreed that it is unfortunate that this had been taken the wrong way and it certainly was not trying to alienate new people in the village, however, this is yet another instance of work being done without permission and it was felt that “enough is enough”.

The Planning Department are to be contacted with regard to coming out and looking around the Village at recent work to see what is/is not acceptable.

It was also suggested that the Community Council produce some sort of “welcome pack” for people new to the village. This would include information on local services, shops, libraries etc as well as a reminder that Letham is a Conservation Area and as such, alterations/additions to property must be put through planning.

The installation of New Play Area, Shelter etc in the Park is currently going through Planning

6. Treasurer’s Report : The account balance stands at just over £1532.

7.         Village Hall Report :

Nothing specific to report regarding renovations. There are a couple of events coming soon, including an “Old Letham Night” in October and a “Silent Auction/Auction of Promises” in November. More details will be distributed with the next distribution of minutes.

8.         Playpark :

As mentioned in the Planning report, currently going through the Planning Application process.

9.         Climate Challenge Fund : Nothing to report other than the information in the leaflet distributed with the last set on minutes.

10.        Community Wood : There will be a stall at the Local Food Festival in mid-September where more information about the progress will be available

11.        Questions :

– Tree Preservation Orders : the Tree Officer has been in contact with AA and a schedule of Trees is to be prepared. The following information is required and has been passed on to Donald Dallas –

Addresses of specific Trees, who owns them, type

– Tree in Letham Park – there is a tree that is due to be removed from the park to make way for the new shelter. It has been agreed that the Letham Park project group will plant a new tree.

–  “The Square” in Letham – Land Registry have been contacted, however they are not 100% sure who owns the land!!. In 1967 it “appears” that it was given to the precursor to Fife Council. Cllr Arbuckle agreed to move this forward with a possible site meeting

12.        Any Other Business :

– a letter has been received from a resident on The Row regarding the 20mph zone and the speed of vehicles that are obviously disregarding this limit. As well as asking for a possible extension along Monimail Road to reduce speed at the corner, there was the suggestion of speed bumps up School Brae.

It was pointed out that an extension to the 20mph and also inclusion of speed bumps in the village had been discussed at previous CC meetings where it was decided no further traffic-calming measures were desired for the Village. There was a recent speed survey however the results were claimed to show “nothing untoward” regarding speed in the Village! Fife Council are now actually moving away from speed-bumps due to the vibration caused (recently removed bumps in Ladybank) and are now really just doing signage.

It was pointed out that there is still no sign anywhere indicating there is a School in the Village – can we get one? Are rumble strips a possibility along with a sign at the top of The Row for “Traffic Turning”?

Cllr Arbuckel will discuss with Transportation

Wood Shed : Bow of Fife – a request was made that the Community Council contact Planning to ask if the wood shed built down Pitlessie Road is within Planning Regulations.  Cllr Arbuckle will discuss with Planning Enforcement.

Bow of Fife Speed – it was commented that there is rarely any speed enforcement seen in the Bow of Fife area. There are still concerns over the speed especially at the poor junction and with school buses stopping on the main road etc. There have also been a number of accidents around the Deer Centre so would it not be a good idea to have a reduced limit on the whole stretch of raod eg 40mph between Whitehills Cottage and the Deer Centre (or Springfield Junction)?

Could a representative from the Police come along to a meeting to hear the views?

Jim Rotheram again raised the Local Plan Consultation and his proposals for the Tremlins Area at the top of the Village. It was agreed this would be included in the October Agenda. Anyone wanting more details can see the plans/proposals on the Community Website ( or they can contact/speak to Jim at the School House

13.        Date of Next Meeting : Monday 12th October 2009, Letham Village Hall, 7.30pm




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