December 2009
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New look site … again!

After a fairly lukewarm response to the last site makeover, I’ve gone back to a more traditional design. Let me know what you think using the comments box.

YOUR Winter Photographs

No matter how inconvenient the snow and cold weather maybe, one thing is certain- the area looks beautiful. Please do send me your photographs ( and I’ll post them below.

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Prospect Hill Windfarm

Follow this link to to see for yourself the planning proposal for a windturbine on Prospect Hill (above the cabins on hill in front of you as you head towards Dundee past Lindifferon).

Why not share your thoughts by using the comments facility on this post.


Festive Period Refuse Collection

If your bin is due for emptying on 25th or 26th December, it will now be emptied on Sunday 27th.

Likewise if the bin is to be emptied on 1st or Second January, this will now happen on 3rd January 2010.

There doesn’t appear to be any recycling collections over this period.

The fifdirect website […]

Open letter to Fife Council re School Brae Winter Maintenance

The letter below has been sent by Julie and Lance on School Brae to Fife council.

We await the council’s response with interest as this issue really needs resolving once and for all.

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Ian Laing has been appointed as the Fife Police co-ordinator for an organisation

called Horsewatch Scotland. In essance it is aimed at anyone who is in any way involved in the equestrian community, be it by means of their employment, or leisure. The parties do not have to own a horse.

People can easily […]

Letham Talk DVD- The Best Stocking Filler in the World?

Earlier this year, Donald Dallas (local teacher, long-time resident and President of the Letham Lawnmower Society) delivered a fantastic talk on the history of Letham. I filmed the talk and have finally managed to workout how to burn it on to DVD.

If you’d like a copy of the DVD, it can be purchased […]

Monimail Community Council Minutes of meeting, 14th December 2009

Monimail Community Council

Minutes of meeting, 14th December 2009

Present : K. Connolly; D. Dallas; B. Forrest; J. Gordon; H. Grant; D. Hamilton; L. Harvie; H. Laidlaw; P. Laidlaw; G. MacLean; K. MacLean; T. Morton; B. Robertson; J. Rotheram; E. Sheerins; J. Sheerins; D. Smiles; G. Smith; H. Van-Koten; J.Vaughan; K. […]

Church Coffee Morning Photos

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