Festive Period Refuse Collection

If your bin is due for emptying on 25th or 26th December, it will now be emptied on Sunday 27th.

Likewise  if the bin is to be emptied on 1st or Second January, this will now happen on 3rd January 2010.

There doesn’t appear to be any recycling collections over this period.

The fifdirect website has a great personalised calender here.


Ian Laing has been appointed as the Fife Police co-ordinator for an organisation


called Horsewatch Scotland. In essance it is aimed at anyone who is in any way involved in the equestrian community, be it by means of their employment, or leisure. The parties do not have to own a horse.

People can easily join by going into the Horsewatch Scotland website and whenever a crime occurrs involving horse mutilations, theft of horses, theft of tack or similar an e-mail goes out warning other potential victims to be on their guard. It is also a valuable tool for anyone who is offered equestrian property at bargain prices and wants to make sure the source is not dubious.

Although the scheme is well established south of the border and generates a heap of information there, it is very much in its infancy here and there is a lot less equestrian crime, so updates will take time to build up. I would urge anyone who is interested to join Horsewatch for free, or contact Ian for more information on 0845 600 5702.

Letham Talk DVD- The Best Stocking Filler in the World?

Earlier this year, Donald Dallas (local teacher, long-time resident and President of the Letham Lawnmower Society) delivered a fantastic talk on the history of Letham. I filmed the talk and have finally managed to workout how to burn it on to DVD.

If you’d like a copy of the DVD, it can be purchased for the value price of £5. All profits to the Village Hall Fund (ie all of it as I’ve donated the blank DVDs!) If you’d like a copy, either email , phone him on 01337 810349 or send a cheque to “Letham Village Hall Fund” for £5 per disc, to Saddlers Cottage, The Row, Letham, Fife KY15 7RS.

Monimail Community Council Minutes of meeting, 14th December 2009

Monimail Community Council

Minutes of meeting, 14th December 2009

  1. Present : K. Connolly; D. Dallas; B. Forrest; J. Gordon; H. Grant; D. Hamilton; L. Harvie; H. Laidlaw; P. Laidlaw; G. MacLean; K. MacLean; T. Morton; B. Robertson; J. Rotheram; E. Sheerins; J. Sheerins; D. Smiles; G. Smith; H. Van-Koten; J.Vaughan; K. Vaughan; C Hayes – Eco-Consultancy.co.uk; Colin Gilbert – Fife Council;  Chris Smith – Fife Council Planning

2. Apologies : A. Arbuckle, L. Barron, M. Grossert

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting : accepted

4. Matters Arising

Letham Toll : BEAR Scotland : Nothing to report

Whinney Park : Colin Gilbert has spoken with Drainage this afternoon and they state it is not Fife Council responsibility! Water is coming from the farm so the Farmer will be contacted to see what he is going to do to address this. It was questioned that it is surely Fife Council responsibility to ensure roads are safe and this is not when the water freezes over! Surely if there is a culvert under the road then it is Council Responsibility? Colin Gilbert will go back with these thoughts.

Monimail Cemetry : Work on the collapsed Grave still to be done. The drains have still not been done and the verge area is a mess due to recent flooding  – C.Gilbert to check this.

Bow Road Sewage : Anne-Marie Dewar of Scottish Water was unable to attend the meeting however she has confirmed that the Letham Waste Water Treatment Works is currently at capacity. It is hoped she can attend the February meeting

Tree Preservation Order : Nothing to report

Bow of Fife Speed – There have been THREE accidents in this area since the last meeting. Vehicle activated “slow down” signs are to be erected by the end of the Financial year.

Well Tree Area Ownership : Nothing to report

5. Core Path Network

Crispin Hayes of Eco-Consultancy.co.uk addressed the meeting – he is acting as a Consultant on behalf of the NHTT. There is a desire within the Transport Group of the NHTT to take the Core Paths Project (also taking the Bell Ingram report from 2004) forward with a view to bringing all paths in the area up to a standard for use. There are various strategic routes being looked at, such as Collessie to Ladybank however feedback is sought for routes such as Monimail to Letham, Letham to Fernie etc.

It typical requires £35-50,000 per km to construct pathways and up to 3km has been viewed as possible routes. The path from Monimail to the School would be a priority and this route is earmarked for discussion with landowners.  90% of the respondents to the NHTT survey wanted some improvements in paths and a network to be established (80 households responded to this question) as well as 50% looking for improved road crossings. The question of cycle paths to Ladybank was raised however Network Rail are currently trying to enforce that crossings are closed to the public so this could pose serious problems.

Who will maintain the paths? They will be constructed to take account of water course etc, NHTT would have to take care of maintenance for 3 years then the council would undertake an upkeep agreement (trimming etc). There is no guarantee of FC taking this on however it would be part of the negotiations and they are keen on this type of project.

6. Planning

Bow of Fife – alterations to a property were approved over a year ago however there were no neighbour notifications issued to any neighbours. There was a notice posted on a telegraph pole however the property address on this notice was incorrect. Planning have been contacted on numerous occasions over the last few months however there has been no response made to the queries. Not included in the application was the building of a large shed at the rear of the property and also a smaller one at the front – An Enforcement Officer has been requested to look into this and Chris Smith assured the he would look at this case tomorrow.

Satellite Dishes / Conservation Area : There is one at the front of a rented property where the tenants were unaware that Letham was a Conservation Area. This was brought to the CC attention 6 months ago and since then both the tenants and the property owner have been made aware of the fact that the dish does not comply with Planning Regulations and requires to be moved.  Chris Smith confirmed what the CC had been told in an email from Planning that Satellite Dishes, although permitted within a Conservation Area, must not be within the view of public roads. This has not been done so it is now to be referred to an Enforcement Officer along with the others at Letham Toll.

Local Plan – The Trimlands : The Rotherams’ Survey has come back 32 for, 27 against and 4 no preference. As such it was agreed that the CC support the proposal, however stating that absolutely no other alterations be made to the Village Envelope.

It was commented however that the survey was not carried out as requested and was therefor skewed as it had been sent to residents outwith Letham Village. It was pointed out that this proposal is nothing to do with Bow of Fife for instance so the residents down there should not have been able to take part in the survey.

Wind Turbine : There is a proposal currently going through planning for w wind-turbine just north of Parbroath Crossroads. The feeling is that the proposed turbine is way in excess of what would be required and many objections have been raised to this being a commercial venture rather than small scale for limited use. Tom Morton informed the meeting that part of the recent NHTT Energy Survey included Community Scale Renewables. They are looking at funding for a feasibility study into the potential wind energy in this area and there will be a Community Consultation exercise on this.

It was confirmed that as a neighbouring Community to the Abdie & Dunbog CC area, we do have an opinion on this proposal. It was agreed Fife Council be written to stating we would discuss this at the next CC meeting to form a Community view.

7.         Treasurer’s Report : The account balance stands at £1731.54. The Floral Enhancement Grant application for next year has been acknowledged.

8.         Village Hall Report :

The recent Auction in the Hall raised just over £1000 for Hall funds. Thanks to all those who took part  by either donating items or bidding one them.  There is a New Year Dance on January 1st

9.         Playpark :

Becky Little is now in charge of design for the shelter as those involved previously no longer want to take part. Different Design so there will be Community Consultation. The Council have been contacted regarding the park equipment and a breakdown of the costs. Where is the shelter to be sited? – issue with roots was raised!

  1. 10. Climate Challenge Fund : The Energy Group survey had a 60% return and smart monitors will be

issued in January to those who showed an interest in them. There are also plans to take thermal images of properties to illustrate where heat loss is occurring (if you don’t want this on your property then you can let NHTT know). As mentioned above there is support for Community Renewables such as Wind Turbines and Biomass. The Village Halls survey of Letham, Collessie and Giffordtown is almost complete and will be submitted as an “exemplar” project which the CCF are very keen on. This will hopefully provide part funding for major refurbishment to all 3 halls within the NHTT area.  The plan is to seek partnership funding from other bodies and this is in hand.

11.        Community Wood : Nothing to report

12.        Any Other Business :

–          Stewart Goodfellow (Fife Council Transportation) was to look into the possibility of tarring  a footpath area at the bottom of The Row at Letham Toll. This land may actually belong to BT so it was agreed BT should be contacted and asked if a path can be made there.

–          Water running down School Brae is really bad – Colin Gilbert to raise with the relevant department.

–          Bus shelter needs repairing. Transportation to look into this.

–          David Hamilton was recently up in the North West of Scotland and there were areas where the roads were painted as “safe zones” which act as warnings for traffic to take care in these areas. Could this be something possible for Monimail to Letham Road? It would be ideal for Transportation to discuss/liaise with the School regarding this.

13.        Date of Next Meeting : Monday 8th February 2010, Letham Village Hall, 7.30pm







10AM – 12NOON













“The Bevvy Sisters”



Possible Events for Letham Hall in the next few months include :

–  Gardeners’ Question Time (Spring)

–  Cheese Tasting

–        Whisky Tasting

No Dates have been confirmed for the above so keep a look out for information on the Letham Website and flyers nearer the time!

Monimail Community Council



  1. Present
  1. Apologies
  1. Minutes of Last Meeting

4.         Matters Arising :                    –    BEAR Scotland

–          Ballantager – Letham footpath

–          Bow Road Sewerage

–    Whinney Park Water

–         Monimail – Grave / fencing

–         Well Tree Area

–         Bus Shelter (Monimail Rd)

–         School Brae Water

–         Tree Preservation Orders

5.         Planning Issues :                   –    Local Plan / Trimlands Proposal

–         Satellite Dishes – update

–         “Wood Shed” – Bow of Fife

–         Wind Turbine (Abdie & Dunbog)

6.         Treasurer’s Report                – including Floral Enhancement Grant

7.         Village Hall News

8.         Letham Park – update

9.         Climate Challenge Fund –update

10.       Community Wood – update

11.       Councillor Arbuckle : questions and responses

12.       AOCB – Call for AOCB

Anyone with proposals, responses or concerns to raise  on these or any other topics, please contact the Chair or Secretary   before the meeting.

Next Meeting : Monday 12th April 2010, Letham Hall, 7.30pm

Community Council Members :

Juliet Gordon (Chair) 810298 ; J. Vaughan (Treasurer); Hazel Grant ; David Hamilton; Willie Fenton; Donald Dallas; Gordon Smith (Minutes) 810404