Ian Laing has been appointed as the Fife Police co-ordinator for an organisation


called Horsewatch Scotland. In essance it is aimed at anyone who is in any way involved in the equestrian community, be it by means of their employment, or leisure. The parties do not have to own a horse.

People can easily join by going into the Horsewatch Scotland website and whenever a crime occurrs involving horse mutilations, theft of horses, theft of tack or similar an e-mail goes out warning other potential victims to be on their guard. It is also a valuable tool for anyone who is offered equestrian property at bargain prices and wants to make sure the source is not dubious.

Although the scheme is well established south of the border and generates a heap of information there, it is very much in its infancy here and there is a lot less equestrian crime, so updates will take time to build up. I would urge anyone who is interested to join Horsewatch for free, or contact Ian for more information on 0845 600 5702.

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