Letham reared Bacon Rolls

Come along and enjoy some Letham reared bacon, served in a roll, at the Letham Hall Coffee Morning this Saturday. The Rotherams of School Brae Have supplied the bacon, at least one of their (ex) pigs did!
Alas the Letham coffee bean plantation hasn’t really worked so it will have to be Columbias finest I’m afraid!

Another School Brae Twist

Many will be aware that the Rotherams at the School House, Letham have made a planning application for a house at the rear of the School. Search the site and look at the Community Council Minutes for more details of the specifics. Jim has however highlighted to me a comment on The Transportation Departments submission..

“School Brae is currently unadopted and as there are many more houses than the maximum of 4 accepted on a private road, I would normally recommend refusal of an application such as this. However, if the applicant can provide a turning facility, I will be prepared to adopt School Brae and therefore recommend approval in this instance. It is unlikely that the applicant owns all of the land required and so this should be pursued through a Section 75 agreement.”

Some food for thought…..