Dirty Dog!

Regular visitors and walkers to School Brae,  will have seen the Fife Council signs erected to encourage dog owners to bag and bin their dogs mess. Over the last three months or so , one owner has shown a breathtaking degree of selfishness by allowing their dog to defacate in the middle of the track leading up to Letham Woods. This track is adjacent to the primary school and also used daily by the Secret Garden Children’s Nursery.

Not only is this a horrible thing for children to have to navigate around but it is a also a health hazard (see Toxocariasis to learn about the young children who have gone blind having ingested dog faeces).

Letham has  a good number of dogs and has most have responsible owners. The dog bins are well used and this kind of conduct is an an embarrassment to us all.

I guess thats why many of us have cleaned up when we’ve seen the mess of other peoples dogs on paths.

Most amazingly, the day the signs went up,  a dog was allowed to defacate on the road next to the playground.

My pregnant wife was so appalled that she felt she had to pick it up in case a child stood on it.  So whoever you are, please stop this and start showing some responsibility.

If anyone has any information as to who is responsible, phone the council on 08451 55 00 22 or contact me (in confidence) and I’ll get it sorted.   Oh, Letham.org.uk WILL name and shame!!!

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