New Community Council Members

The following persons have been duly elected for Monimail Community Council

Willie Fenton, Ballantager Farm, Letham

Juliet Gordon, Merlin, The Row, Letham

David Hamilton, Saddlers Cottage, The Row, Letham

Tom Morton, Ash Cottage,  Monimail

Gordon Smith, Merenlee, The Row, Letham

Neil Stoddart, ‘Old School Hall’, Pitlessie Road, Bow of Fife

John Vaughan, Milnholm, The Row, Letham

As only 7 of the 8 vacancies were filled, the community council  can fill the 1 casual vacancy to make up the total amount of members.

For more on the Community Council, follow this link

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  • Gordon Smith

    There are no vacancies on Monimail CC – Donald Dallas is the eighth Community Cuoncellor. There was an administrative error on his application/nomination form and this will be sorted out with Fife Council this week

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