February 2011
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More on the lights

Scottish power have now fixed the fault but have left the lights burning 24hrs (so as to maintain lighting during the night). The lights will be on 24hrs until we agree on where the pillar is to go. The council asked about siting the pillar in the hedges as discussed below but they said that […]

Save RAF Leuchars Campaign

RAF Leuchars supports 1900 direct and indirect jobs contributing around £60 million of income annually to the Fife economy. A number of our residents are employed at the base and the positive effect that the base has on businesses andtowns throughout North East Fife is enormous.

1. First Minister Alex Salmond will be visiting Leuchars […]

Still In the Dark- but the pillar is going….

Latest update from Fife Council is that Scottish Power have located the fault in their power cable.

They plan to change the cut-out in the lampost that has the existing controller to enable the fuse to be changed. If the new cut-out will accept both the incoming services that it needs to then the pillar […]

In the dark

Letham at Night

Residents in Letham won’t fail to have noticed the lack of street lights in the village. Nor will they have failed to noticed the hideous lighting cabinet that has been erected on the pavement of this ‘conservation village’ at the top of The Row.

Today I met with one of the […]

School Brae

After many years of campaigning , it looks like the adoption of School Brae by Fife Council took a big step forward this week. A planning application by The


Rotherams has now been approved subject to land being offered to the council to create a turning circle- a key requisite to allow adoption […]