In the dark

Letham at Night

Residents in Letham won’t fail to have noticed the lack of street lights in the village. Nor will they have failed to noticed the hideous lighting cabinet that has been erected on the pavement of this ‘conservation village’ at the top of The Row.

Today I met with one of the council lighting engineers and he helpfully explained the problem.

Essentially there is a fault in the Scottish Power underground electric cable that powers the street lights, but noone knows where abouts the fault is. To find it they need to burn extra current through the cable until it burns itself apart and can be located- thats why the lights were on 24 hrs for a while. The fault and the extra current being used is blowing the fuse in the existing controller and causing the frequent light failings. With me so far?

Unfortunately our lights are about 40 years old and the fuses for the controllers are rare and it will take a while to get a replacement fuse so we’ll be in the dark for a bit more.

Now for that awful box. The existing controller is housed within one of the old lamposts and is no longer fit for purpose. The new controllers fill the box that has appeared (so much for minaturisation!) . There are certain constraints on the location of the box and we are looking at relocating it into one of the shrub beds at the junction where it will hopefully be camouflaged by plants. This needs a wee bit more work but I’m hopeful we can get this resolved satisfactorily in the next week.

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