Letham Flower Show Results 2014



9 August 2014



Sir Thomas Paxton Challenge Cup

(Most Points Vegetables)                                     Mr A Duff, Pitlessie

Adam Hall Memorial Quaich

(Best Exhibit in Vegetables)                                 Mr L Wheelans, Cupar

Sir Thomas Paxton Challenge Cup
(Most Points Pot Plants)                                       Mr. A Hain, Cuparmuir

Donald G McDonald Challenge Cup
(Most Points Cut Flowers)                                    Mr. A Hain, Cuparmuir

Dowie Trophy
(Best Exhibit Pot Plants and Cut Flowers)      Mr. A Hain, Cuparmuir

Monimail House Trophy
(Most Points Decorative)                                      Mrs S Simmers, Myrecairnie

Alistair Foggie Memorial Trophy
(Most Points Fruit)                                                  Miss E Wilson, Ladybank

Paterson Shield
(Best Kept and Cropped Vegetable Garden)                                     Mr J Duncan, Falkland

Brunton-Kidd Medal
(Best Kept Flower Plot)                                         Mrs A Adams, Freuchie

D & J Drummond Shield
(Best Hanging Basket)                                            Mrs A Adams, Freuchie

Society Challenge Cup
(Most Points Handicrafts)                                     Mrs. L Kervell, Ladybank

Pioneer Trophy
(Best Item in Handicrafts)                                     Mrs M Black, Clubston

Bonthrone Cup
(Most Points Baking)                                              Miss A Irvine, Coaltown of Burnturk

 G. Connacher Shield
(Most Points Baking by a Gent)                          Dr J McGeorge, Dunshalt

Euphemia Hay Memorial Trophy
(Most Points Jams and Jellies)                            Mrs K Black, Letham

Alex Green Cup
(Most Points Wine and Beer)                              Mrs J Forrest, Letham

Paterson Trophy
(Most Points Industrial)                                         Mrs. L Kervell, Ladybank

Opdahl Cup
(S.W.R.I. Inter-Institute Cup)                              Letham W.R.I

Betty Hay Memorial Trophy
(Best Exhibit in the Rural Competition) Mrs M Black, Kilmany W.R.I.

Paterson Rose Bowl
(Most Points Produce)                                           Mr B Service, Collessie

Industrial Medal
(Best Exhibit Photographic Section)                 Mr G Smith, Letham

R Storrar Perpetual Challenge Cup
(Most Points Children)                                           Sophie Smith, Letham

Alex Garden Cup
(Best Miniature Garden)                                       Madeline Smiles, Letham

Archibald Wilson Perpetual Challenge Trophy                                   Cameron Service, Collessie

Mr W Crichton Memorial Trophy                       Cameron Service, Collessie

The Betty Hay Trophy
(Most Points Overall in Show)                            Mr. A Hain, Cuparmuir

J Veitch Prize
(Sponsored by J Veitch Freuchie)

1st Prize                                                                       Mr A Duff, Pitlessie

2nd Prize                                                                      Miss E Wilson, Ladybank

 Top Tray

1st Prize                                                                       Mr A Duff, Pitlessie

 Top Vase

1st Prize                                                                       Mrs J Munro, Letham

2nd Prize                                                                      Miss E Wilson, Ladybank

3rd Prize                                                                        Mrs J Ramsey-Service, Collessie

Diploma Winners                                                   

Best Exhibit in Vegetable Section                      Mr. Wheelans, Cupar

Best Exhibit in Pot Plants                                       Mrs B Jamieson, Auchtermuchty

Best Exhibit in Cut Flowers                                   Mr. A Hain, Cuparmuir

Best Exhibit in Decorative Section                     Mrs J Munro, Letham

 Best Exhibit in Fruit Section                                 Miss E Wilson, Ladybank

Best Exhibit in Handicrafts Section                    Mrs M Black, Clubston

Best Exhibit in Baking Section                              Miss H Henderson, Pitlessie

Best Exhibit in Jams and Jellies                           Mrs. S Simmers, Myrecairnie

Best Exhibit in Wine and Beer Section             Wendy Jack, Craigrothie

Best Exhibit in Produce Section                          Skye Cuthbert, Bow of Fife

Best Exhibit in Childrens Section                        Sophie Smith, Letham

Childrens Section Miniature Trophy Winners                                 

Under 5’s                                                                     Fraser Armstrong, Letham

5 – 8                                                                                Madeline Smiles, Letham

9 – 12                                                                              Cameron Service, Collessie

13 – 16                                                                           Sophie Smith, Letham

Sunflower Competition                                       

1st Prize                                                                       Cameron Service

2nd Prize                                                                      Madeline Smiles

3rd Prize                                                                       Holly Hamilton
(201 cm)


Meal for Two at Fernie Castle Hotel                 H Hoffman, Ladybank

(Donated by Fernie Castle Hotel)

 Scottish Deer Centre Family Tickets

(Donated by the Edinburgh Woollen Mill)     Fraser Armstrong, Letham

Bottle of Malt Whisky                                             J Mackie, Glenrothes



VEGETABLES AND FRUIT SECTIONS                  Mr. J Veitch

POT PLANTS AND CUT FLOWERS                       Mr. R Daniels

DECORATIVE SECTION                                            Mrs. P Reid

GARDEN COMPETITION                                        Mr F Janeckzo

HANDICRAFTS                                                           Mrs L Winters / Mrs I Robertson

BAKING                                                                        Mrs W Harris / Mrs J Stevenson

JAMS AND JELLIES                                                    Mrs W Harris / Mrs J Stevenson

S.W.R.I. COMPETITION                                          S.W.R.I Judges.

PHOTOGRAPHIC                                                       Mr G McLeish

WINE AND BEER                                                        Mr. F Cuthbert

PRODUCE                                                                    Mr J Cuthbert

CHILDREN’S SECTION                                              Mrs. M Duffy / Mrs C McKay


Outdoor Games

Letham Links

Adult                                                                             Iain Matheson, Cupar

Child                                                                              Rory Turner, Collessie

Tub Ball

Adult                                                                             Bruce Forrest, Letham

Child                                                                              Ben Brincat, Letham

Horseshoe Throwing

Adult                                                                             Edna Moffat, Collessie

Child                                                                              Madeline Smiles, Letham    

Indoor Game

Adult                                                                             Carol Nutter, Coaltown of Burnturk

Children                                                                       Madeline Smiles, Letham

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