Phonebox Defibrillator

adoptaboxFor a number of years now the BT phone box in the village has been operating on a credit card only basis. It is rarely if ever used. The Community Council do however want to retain the box as a key part of the village architecture but will consider a proposal to remove the telephony equipment and instead install a defibrillator .

We plan to work with the Community Heartbeat charity to achieve this and to that end Kirsty Drummond who has arranged  for a similiar project in Ladybank will attend the community council and give a talk about it.

As always, all members of the  community are invited to observe and indeed participate in the community council proceedings but a special welcome is extended to anyone with an interest in supporting this life saving project.

The Community Council meets on the second Monday of the ‘odd’ months so the next meeting will be 7.30pm, Monday 10th November 2014 at Letham Village Hall.

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