Letham Primary School pupils praised as articulate, confident and highly motivated

Letham Primary School has been praised by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education (HMIE) following their recent inspection.

The report highlights a number of key strengths including: articulate, motivated and creative children who attain very well; very effective leadership and the dedication of staff. The inspector also commented on the outstanding approaches to learning about sustainability, citizenship and global issues; the warm and supportive atmosphere created by the staff and the strong partnerships with parents and the community.

The Staff were praised for their consistently high-quality, reflective teaching. The report commends regular pupil involvement in decision-making, through their contribution to planning, assessing and target setting. The teachers provide stimulating lessons and set tasks at the right level of difficulty for all pupils, creating enthusiastic, highly motivated children.

In addition to this, inspectors found International Education (the school’s link with Makande Primary School in Malawi) continued to be excellent. Children benefit significantly from sharing their learning as well as participating in enterprise opportunities. The inspector also praised the strong and successful approaches to self-evaluation; the development of children’s skills for life and work through the caring and stimulating ethos for learning created by the school.

Former Headteacher, Ian Macaulay and Acting Headteacher, Louise Rennie said: “We are delighted that HMIE have endorsed the approaches which the staff team has developed, and that they encouraged the school to continue sustaining the quality of provision. We would like to congratulate all the staff, parents and children for creating a school that is a happy and enjoyable learning experience for all.”

Cllr. Bryan Poole, Executive Spokesperson for Children, Families and Young People, added his congratulations. He said: “The recent HMIE Inspection at Letham Primary School is absolute proof that the children attending Letham PS are getting the best possible start on their life’s journey. Everything that makes a great school is in place at Letham – good school leaders, past and present; excellent classroom teachers delivering an innovative, creative and stimulating curriculum with great back up from other staff and parents. We’ve known for some time that Letham PS has been a very good school but its pleasing that following the recent HMIE inspection they, independently, arrived at the same conclusion.

I’d like to congratulate everyone connected with the school for all the work they do in providing the very best learning opportunities for their children. Well done to all.”

Full report available here