Bus Service Review- A Call To Arms

Following received from Fife Council. Be under no illusion, the driver of this review is money. We have already lost our X54 service so lets fight to keep our last lifeline services- fill in the survey. 

Fife Council wants to hear from North East Fife bus users. 

In the 2016/17 year Fife Council spent over £2.1 million on supported bus services for North East Fife and we need to be sure that we continue to provide services where & when they are needed and that they represent good value for money.


We need your help to do that. We’re looking for feedback on which subsidised bus services operating in north east Fife are most important to you. We’ll be consulting from Monday 8 May until Friday 30 June 2017.


All comments received will be considered when contracts for subsidised bus routes are renewed in August 2018.


The bus services that are currently subsidised or partly subsidised in North East Fife are:


· Moffat & Williamson – Go Flexi (F3, F4, F5, F6), 92, 92A

· Stagecoach – 24, 77, 41, 41B, 41C, 47, 53, 64, 64A, 66, 67, 67A, 66B, 68, 68A, 68B, 94, 94A, 95


“We need people to tell us the places they want to go to by bus and when they’ll be travelling there”, said Colin Hamilton, Service Manager for Passenger Transport Services.


He continued: “Many people rely on bus services to get to work, college, health appointments and to access shopping and leisure facilities.


“I encourage all bus users in North east Fife to have their say by filling out a survey; it should only take two minutes. That way, we can make sure we’re providing services that people really need.”


During May and June, we’ll be carrying out ‘on-bus’ surveys with passengers using these routes. Surveys are also available:


online at www.fifedirect.org.uk/bussurvey, or

by phoning 03451 55 55 55 ext 444366 and we’ll post a survey out to you.


Monimail Police Report

The following report was supplied by Police Constable Kirsten Bellingham


“The Crimefile system records crimes committed in a particular area throughout Fife. Since the last meeting on 13th March 2017 there have been no recorded crimes our Crimefile system for the Monimail area including the villages of Monimail itself, Letham and Bow of Fife.


A check of our STORM system has also been carried out. This system records all calls to particular locations in the Fife area. Since the last meeting, there have been a small number of calls to villages in the area, namely Letham and Bow of Fife.


There were 5 calls to Letham, 4 of which related to road traffic matters and a separate call to assist a member of the public.


There were also 13 calls to the Bow of Fife, 7 of which related to road traffic matters and 6 related to calls to assist members of the public or providing information to the Police. There were no calls reporting matters of criminality.





Along with our colleagues in the Cupar Community Team, Graeme and I have recently started Bikeability training within the schools in the Howe of Fife. This gives us the opportunity to teach children to be safe whilst cycling on the roads and also allows us to build relationships with the pupils. It is hoped that, in turn, this link with the Police will continue as the children go on to High School and may prevent younger children from going on to follow older ones who may be getting into antisocial behaviour etc. We are due to attend Letham Primary in the near future.


We have also been out with the speed gun at various locations and have made use of Pop-Up-Bob to try and address speeding complaints. Friday 5th May 2017 marked the beginning of a week-long drink/drug drive campaign to coincide with the time of year when statistics show Scotland’s road users are at their highest risk of being killed or seriously injured because the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Police Scotland’s campaign will combine intelligence-led high visibility patrols and roadside checks to detect those driving under the influence of drink or drugs.  The campaign will include looking out for early morning motorists that may still under the influence from the night before. Please be mindful that even though you leave your car and get a taxi home, you may still be over the limit when you collect your car the next day. Don’t risk your own and other road user’s safety.



In April, Graeme and I were involved in a day of action with Fife Council Trading Standards which was a great success. This allowed us to work in partnership and gain valuable intelligence to target rogue traders and bogus workmen.


It is often found that travelling criminals will use minor routes through small villages to avoid the main roads and thus avoid detection by cameras or the Police. The villages therefore provide ideal routes for such people to move around.


We remain keen for you all to look after each other and to inform the police of any suspicious activity in the area including suspicious vehicles, bogus workmen, rogue traders and telephone scams. We are happy to carry out talks on such issues if you require or see a need for them and have built up good relationships with staff at Trading Standards who provided a great deal of information on services they can also offer. Please let us know if we can assist in any way.



The year 2017 has also seen changes to the Management Team at Cupar Police Station. Chief Inspector Annandale has recently moved to Area Commander at Kirkcaldy Police Station and is replaced by Chief Inspector Steven Hamilton. Inspector John Docherty has recently assumed the responsibility of North East Fife Community Inspector following the departure of Inspector Nicola Black who has also moved to the same role in Kirkcaldy.


Sergeant Ewan Pearce has also moved on to pastures new with a move to Divisional Road Policing based in Glenrothes. He has been replaced by PS Sharon Holmes who moved to us from Levenmouth Police Station and is very keen to continue developing our community engagement.





Graeme and I also want to thank you for your attention and participation our Policing 2026 strategy. This was a strategic programme which aimed to transform the police service over the next 10 years by ensuring that as many voices as possible were heard. The consultation ended today and had been running for a number of weeks. It is hoped that this consultation will help refine and inform the strategy.

Thank you to everyone who completed the short online survey”.

Monimail Community Council – May2015

Letham Village Hall

Monday 7th May 2017 – 7:00pm

1. Present

2. Apologies

3. Approval of Minutes of 13th March 2017

4. Matters Arising

5. Lower Melville Landfill

6. School Brae Adoption

7. Replacement Street Lights

8. Planning Applications

9. Treasurer’s Report

10. Superfast Broadband

11. Police Report

12. Community Groups

a. Letham lights – BFI equipment
b. Village Hall – hearing loops
c. School

13. Any other business

14. Date of Next Meeting – July 10th 2017