Mountcastle Quarry Public Meeting

On Wednesday 17th February 2010, Hanson, the operator of Mountcastle Quarry ran a community consultation ( in fairness they have to!) to update the community on their planning application to extend the quarrying time at Mountcastle and outline their updated plans for the Approach Wood Quarry (next to Melville House).

To be honest there wasn’t really anything new here. We had already had a fairly comprehensive presentation regarding the Approach Wood site and the only change is that it is more red squirrel friendly- not sure if a quarry can be squirrel frindly but hey-ho, its better than nothing.

There was some discussion regarding the time extension at Mountcastle. Essentially the economic downturn has slowed demand which has meant that not all the sand that can be extracted (the remainder is under the plant equipment) has been. The permission to quarry runs out in April. Hanson are basically asking for planning permission to extend the length of their operations (due to finish in April)  by another 18 months. On the conclusion of this, Hanson will maintain the site as a wildlife reserve for another 5 years. What’s in it for the local community- er nothing.

So folks, Community Council has to give an opinion as to whether to support this extension. Personally I think it would be a nice gesture from Hanson to contribute to a local project eg. the Park redevelopment (hint) to compensate for the additional dust, noise and traffic disruption but that apparently isn’t being considered.

Add your comments below or even better toodle along to the next Community Council meeting and share your thoughts….

Message from Jim Garret- Letham resident 1953

I received the following message from a former resident of Letham- Jim Garret. Jim would love to hear from anyone who remembers his family

As well as the address below, Jim can be contacted by email at


As a pupil at the village school in 1953, I would be interested to hear from anyone who was there at the same time.

My mum and dad were caretakers at Fernie Castle for a short time before moving on to live near Crieff, and eventually moving south to Banbury in Oxfordshire where I have now lived for over 50 years.

Here are a few names from my distant memory. – the headmaster and his wife were Mr and Mrs Campbell.- Ann Watson- farmers daughter from Fernie.- Dave Christie- his dad worked on the same farm.- Rob and Russel Hall, who lived, I think, on a nearby farm.- Mrs Gibson, who was our dinner lady. (she may have kept the village hall)

My wife, Alma and I did a tour of Scotland a few years ago and stayed for a few nights at the Fernie Hotel from where we called in at Letham. We walked upto the school but did not have the courage to call in. now I wish we had.

The picture of the main street in your website brought back fond memories of the times when we schoolchildren were allowed into the home of an elderly gentleman and his sister to watch THE LONE RANGER on his tiny black and white TV. If only I could roll back the time. I also recall the celebrations for the coronation held in the playing fields. Wonderful times.

My name is Jim Garret and I would be pleased to hear from anyone who was around at that time and it would make my day if there is anyone who remembers our family.


I look forward to hearing from you. My kindest regards to all in LETHAM

Bin collection- Update

The following response has (finally) come from Fife Council..

If your bin has not been collected since before Christmas: Your can use your brown bin to store household waste and can present these bins on the next scheduled brown bin collection day and they will be emptied. Therefore the brown bin waste will not be recycled from this uplift as it will be going to landfill. This is only for households where grey bins have not been emptied since before Christmas.

However the crews are still trying to catch up with missed bins where access allows so please leave your bins out at the kerbside.

Overflowing Bins!

Has anyone got any idea when the bins are to be emptied?I emailed Fife Council asking for an estimate (their telephones weren’t working) and was promised a reply with 24 hrs ( 4 days ago).

I’ll be interested to know if they’ll take any additional bin bags too.

I know its extreme weather but a little bit of communication can go a long way!

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