Letham Park

Fife Council have now appointed a contractor for the playpark element of the project and work is due to start on October 4th 2010 and we have a provisional completion date of November 5th.

The foundation of the shelter are now complete and construction of the walls will continue in the Spring when earth building specialists Little and Davie will run a series of workshops. So watch this space for a great opportunity to get your hands dirty and be part of this exciting community project.

Blooming Good Day at Letham Flower Show

The lovely sunny weather on Saturday brought a steady stream of visitors to the Letham and District Horticultural Society’s 108th Annual Industrial Exhibition and Flower Show.

The show which was held in Letham Village Hall attracted a good number of entries from the exhibitors providing a colourful and attractive display for those attending the show.

It was most encouraging to see a good entry in the Children’s Section. Visitors were treated to a fantastic display of exhibits displaying the imagination and skills of the children. This ranged from pretty pasta necklaces in the under 5’s category to imaginative junk models in the 5-8 age category. The 9-11 age category displayed some beautiful paintings of flowers. Tasty looking pizzas and birthday cards proved popular in the 12-16 age category.  Individual trophy winners were Skye Cuthbert, Bow of Fife; brothers Cameron and  Innes Service of Collessie ; Scott Smith and Grace Rotheram both from Letham.

In the open section for all ages there was a large display of painted stones, striking photographs of flowers and a good entry of a new category of vegetables grown by a child which was won by Dougal Fenton with a magnificent cabbage, one of a pair, the other beating the adults in the main Vegetable Section  – hopefully this will nurture our gardeners of the future! The ever popular miniature garden produced a wide array of exciting and innovative designs.

The overall Children’s trophy – the R Storrar Cup – and the Diploma for the best overall exhibit were both won by Innes Service, Collessie. The Alex Garden Cup for the best miniature garden was won by Grace Rotheram, Letham. The Archibald Wilson Challenge Trophy for a Sunflower Competition for Letham Primary School children was won by Lewis Smiles, Letham.

Hopefully the interest displayed by all these youngsters will continue and sustain the growth of the Flower Show.

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Flower Show and Industrial Exhibition – Results 2010

Letham and District Horticultural Society

Annual Flower Show and Industrial Exhibition

Detailed Results 2010


Three Pods Broad Beans, Long –1 Miss E Wilson, Ladybank; 2 Miss E Smith, Pitlessie Mill; 3 Mr A Duff, Pitlessie.

Three Runner Beans – 1 Mr D Brockie, Strathmiglo; 2 Miss A Irvine, Coaltown of Burnturk; 3 Mr A Duff, Pitlessie.

Three Beetroots, Globe –1 Mr D Brockie, Strathmiglo; 2 Miss A Irvine, Coaltown of Burnturk; 3 Mr A Duff, Pitlessie.

One Cabbage – 1 Dougal Fenton, Ballantager; 2 Mr F Cuthbert, Daftmill; 3 J Harris, Letham.

Three Carrots, Stump Root – 1 Mr D Brockie, Strathmiglo; 2 Mr A Duff, Pitlessie.

Three Carrots, Long – 1 Mr F Janeczko,Kingskettle;2 Mr F Cuthbert, Daftmill; 3 Mr J McGeorge, Wester Kilwhiss.

One Head Cauliflower – 1 Miss A Irvine, Coaltown of Burnturk.

Three Leeks  – 1 Miss A Irvine, Coaltown of Burnturk.

Two Lettuces – 1 Sir R Spencer-Nairn, Barham; 2. Mr F Cuthbert, Daftmill; 3 Mr B Forrest, Letham.

Three Courgettes – 1 Miss A Irvine, Coaltown of Burnturk; 2 Sir R Spencer-Nairn, Barham; 3.Miss E Smith,Pitlessie Mill.

Three Onions – Quality – 1 Mr D Drummond, Freuchie; 2 Mr W Crichton, Freuchie; 3 Mr J McGeorge, Wester Kilwhiss.

Three Onions, from Sets – 1 Mr D Drummond, Freuchie; 2 Mr F Janeczko, Kingskettle; 3 Mr D Brockie, Strathmiglo.

One Plant Parsley, Grown in Pot – 1 Mr F Janeczko, Kingskettle.

Once Dish Green Peas (40-50) – 1 Miss E Wilson, Ladybank; 2 Mr F Cuthbert, Daftmill; 3 Miss A Irvine, Coaltown of Burnturk.

Eight Pods Peas – 1 Mr A Duff, Pitlessie; 2 Mr F Cuthbert, Daftmill; 3 Mr D Drummond, Freuchie.

Four Potatoes, White – 1 Mr F Janeczko, Kingskettle; 2 Mr B Forrest, Letham; 3 Mr D Brockie, Strathmiglo.

Four Potatoes, Coloured – 1 Mr A Duff, Pitlessie; 2 Mr F Janeczko, Kingskettle 3 Mrs J Ramsey-Service, Collessie.

Three Stalks Rhubarb, Quality – 1  J Harris, Letham; 2 Mr B Forrest, Letham; 3 Miss A Irvine, Coaltown of Burnturk.

Three Shallots, Red (not seedlings) – 1 Mr B Forrest, Letham; 2 Mr A Duff, Pitlessie; 3 Mr D Brockie, Strathmiglo.

Three Shallots, Yellow (not seedlings) – 1 Mr A Duff, Pitlessie; 2 Mr J McGeorge, Wester Kilwhiss; 3 Mr F Janeczko, Kingskettle.

Five Cherry Tomatoes – 1 Mr D Brockie, Strathmiglo; 2 Mr S Mackay, Letham; 3 Mr F Cuthbert, Daftmill.

Three Tomatoes – 1 Mr S Mackay, Letham; 2 Mr D Brockie, Strathmiglo; 3 Mr J McGeorge, Wester Kilwhiss.

One Cucumber (not ridge) 1 Mr G McDonald, Bow of Fife; 2  J Harris, Letham; 3 Mr D Drummond, Freuchie.

Two Turnips, White – 1 Mr B Forrest, Letham.

Any Unusual Shaped Vegetable – 1 Mr D Drummond, Freuchie, 2 Mr B Service, Collessie; 3 Mr J McGeorge, Wester Kilwhiss.

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If you go down Monimail Road today, your in for a big surprise!

If you go down Monimail Road today, your in for a big suprise….well I was!

Many will be aware of the theft of  a “Bear bin” from Letham Primary School

Police in North East Fife are currently investigating the thoughtless theft of a school bin in the shape of a bear taken from Letham School.

tidybearPolice were alerted on Monday 28 June that the dustbin, valued at nearly £200, had been stolen from the school playground.

PC Pamela Hay who is leading the investigation said:

“The bin was last seen by school staff on Friday 25 June. On returning after the weekend, the theft was discovered.

“The brown bear bin is quite distinctive and I would appeal to any person with any knowledge of this theft, or who may have seen the bear bin to contact us on 0845 600 5702 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where all calls are treated anonymously.”

Well good news.. On returning from a Night shift at T in The Park, I was met with this sight just outside the village.

Having walked on the road earlier that evening, it was obvious that the bin had been left there under the cover of dark.

So one  £200 bin recovered and after fingerprinting and DNA swabs being taken was returned to the school.

Dirty Dog!

Regular visitors and walkers to School Brae,  will have seen the Fife Council signs erected to encourage dog owners to bag and bin their dogs mess. Over the last three months or so , one owner has shown a breathtaking degree of selfishness by allowing their dog to defacate in the middle of the track leading up to Letham Woods. This track is adjacent to the primary school and also used daily by the Secret Garden Children’s Nursery.

Not only is this a horrible thing for children to have to navigate around but it is a also a health hazard (see Toxocariasis to learn about the young children who have gone blind having ingested dog faeces).

Letham has  a good number of dogs and has most have responsible owners. The dog bins are well used and this kind of conduct is an an embarrassment to us all.

I guess thats why many of us have cleaned up when we’ve seen the mess of other peoples dogs on paths.

Most amazingly, the day the signs went up,  a dog was allowed to defacate on the road next to the playground.

My pregnant wife was so appalled that she felt she had to pick it up in case a child stood on it.  So whoever you are, please stop this and start showing some responsibility.

If anyone has any information as to who is responsible, phone the council on 08451 55 00 22 or contact me (in confidence) and I’ll get it sorted.   Oh, Letham.org.uk WILL name and shame!!!

Garden Party at Monimail

Pat and Hugh Laidlaw from North Lodge, Monimail, are going to host a Garden Tea Party on Sunday 29th August in aid of Letham Hall funds.  The garden will be open from 2-4.30pm and in addition to the chance to have a cup of tea or coffee and walk around the garden and wood, there will be a plant stall, a baking stall and a tombola.  There will be a treasure hunt and a quoits game for the children.  Entrance costs £2.50 for adults and 50p for school age children.  Car parking will be available in the church car park.  The garden is fully accessible but the wood has uneven ground.

Visit by Climate Change Minister

On Wednesday 21st July 2010, Stewart Stevenson the Scottish MSP for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change will visit the NHTT area in relation to the receipt of our Climate Challenge Fund awards. If any NHTT members would like to meet the minister please contact Hamid van Koten as soon as possible on: h.h.vankoten@dundee.ac.uk

Letham Park Update

Click to see the Park Shelter Plans

It has been over 2 years since we started our project to improve the facilities in Letham Park and create a beautiful park shelter for all of our community to enjoy. We have had our fair share of problems with gas pipes and changes in finances but it now looks as if things will be starting soon. The project is being funded by Fife Council, The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery and The North Howe Transition Toun, who are contributing £10,000 to the project from the Lottery. In total our community has now raised the £70,142 necessary to make the project become a reality.

Local architect Tom Morton has designed a stunning earth structure using ideas from our community consultations. This will be built by local earth building specialists Little and Davie who will be giving the community the opportunity to get their hands dirty and take part in a number of workshops. Details of these workshops will be made available over the next month.

A planning amendment is being processed at the moment covering the change in location to avoid the gas pipe, and updated design, and a decision is due to be made on 28 June. Once this has been confirmed the building work will start on the foundations of the shelter in July and the council hope to have the play equipment complete in Autumn of this year.

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We will continue to keep the community informed of progress via www.letham.org.uk and at community council meetings.

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