Top effort

Big thanks to all those in Letham out clearing roads, paths, getting shopping and checking up on neighbours today.

Most of the shops are still a bit short of milk and bread. Anyone needing milk can help themselves to the milk cartons left in the bus stop. They were delivered to the (closed) school on Wednesday and left outside so are well chilled!


North East Fife Superfast Broadband Project (NEFSFBB)

This relates to the project that would link outlying areas of the area that couldn’t get superfast broadband from BT due to their rural location. Most properties in Monimail Community Council will not be affected by this update.

CoINEF (Community Initiatives North East Fife) February 2018
North East Fife Superfast Broadband Project (NEFSFBB)
It is with huge regret that CoINEF, a “non- profit distributing” community organisation set up to provide access to superfast broadband services to homes and businesses in communities across North East Fife where no commercial provider has any plans whatsoever to do so, must today announce that it has been forced to abandon its community broadband project.
However an additional 500+ premises in North East Fife have benefitted from the efforts of CoINEF pushing forward with the community project, by now being included in the DSSB (Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband) and therefore able to access superfast broadband.
‘The updated position on the project is, that unfortunately the only remaining supplier who engaged with CoINEF has withdrawn from the procurement process due to the impact of the potential for ‘non-domestic rates’ for wireless equipment placed on residential properties. Their financial model did not envisage these potential costs, therefore making the NEFSFBB project ‘not financially viable’ to go forward.
All post codes within the North East Fife Superfast Broadband Project are now included in the R100% project.
The CoINEF, partners and stakeholders are disappointed at this outcome after six years of work by all involved on the North East Fife community broadband project. The procurement process has required an enormous amount of work for the volunteer board on behalf of the local communities over the past year. It was quite an undertaking on behalf of our community, culminating in being only the second community group in Scotland to reach the final tender stage due to the complex nature of the procurement process.
CoINEF will continue to assist the R100% project with any information they may require on behalf of our community.

Superfast last!

[EDIT: It’s live! -speeds recorded on Speedtest]


Letham and Monimail (appears) to now have Superfast broadband and residents should be able to achieve speeds of up to 80Mbps.

Despite engagement starting 3 years ago, signing up to websites for updates and asking BT staff- and hearing nothing- the broadband service checker services are showing that superfast broadband is available. We have still to see this in action but a number of us have already signed up and will keep you posted.

For further info and to check your phone number vist

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