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Letham Nights 12

April 25th, 2010

Only a month to go and over 30 people already booked their place. In other words, get a move on!!! Just reply to this email or phone/ send a text to one of the numbers below and we will reserve a seat.

Things are hotting up for the next great Letham Nights adventure…

… the return of the Black Oil Brothers on Saturday 22nd May!!!

We will have a poster out as soon as possible but just to put you in the picture…

The Black Oil Brothers were one of the first bands to play Letham Nights last May in 2009. They are 3 highly talented and very cool young musicians from Chicago with a lust for life and who play a wonderful brand of acoustic southern delta blues. Their last tour of the UK was a year ago and kicked off at Letham. They went down a storm and had such a brilliant time that when we invited them to come back, they jumped at the chance and organised another UK tour, this time making Letham their Grande Finale!

They would be delighted for you to follow their progress as the prepare then go on tour at

And just to add to the fun we welcome Ladybank acoustic covers band Skin and Bones for their first Letham Night in support. Have a listen to them at

I know we always say it is unmissable, but really this one is…. unmissable!

Only a month to go and over 30 people have already booked their place. In other words, get a move on!!! Just reply to this email or phone/ send a text to one of the numbers below and we will reserve a seat.

All Help Welcome
We would be happy to accept any help with setting up, staffing the bar and clearing up on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Set up usually begins at about 4pm on Saturday.

This time we are also looking for B&B accommodation in the area for friends of the band as they are bringing a contingent of friends and relatives – some from Chicago, some from Northern Ireland. If anyone local is interested in providing this please let me know.

Letham Nights #13 – Sneak Preview….
An extra, extra special midsummer Letham Nights with a difference will be taking place on Saturday June 19th 2010 to celebrate the Loveliest Night of the Year. More details will follow but just to give you a wee sneak preview, we are hoping to have an open mic session, a bit of drama and comedy AND the return of another Letham Nights favourite band. Look out for more information soon and join the Letham Nights Facebook group or check out the LN blog and listings to get it first. We are taking bookings for this event now. Don’t be disappointed – get in quick!

Autumn Programme
After the June event, Letham Nights will, as usual, take a long summer break. Before this however, Letham Nights favourites, the Chloe Hall Trio are returning to Scotland on Friday 27th August to play the Byre Theatre in St Andrews. If anyone is interested in a Letham Nights outing to see Chloe and the boys, let me know. It could be worthwhile getting Sandy to take us in the bus!

We hope to return on 18th September with one of Scotland’s foremost folk bands. Confirmation soon. We are also currently sorting out bookings for a long list of other artists for the rest of the year and beyond.

All the best,


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Two pieces of magnificent news:

February 2nd, 2010

Firstly, if you didn’t already know, the wonderful Bevvy Sisters are coming to Letham Nights on 13th March

Check out this review in the Scotsman and then my strong advice would be to book your ticket for 13th March! We hope to have online ticketing up and running soon but in the meantime just use the contact details below and we will put you on the list.

For a wee preview… (If you are using the Firefox browser, this may not work- use the links on the right hand side instead . I prefer Chrome myself)

And secondly….. wait for it….
On 22nd May – The Brothers are back! Yes, it’s true.  Returning to Letham Nights on another UK tour, commissioned especially for us, the Black Oil Brothers from Chicago USA are coming back to Letham Nights.  Get it in the diary!
All the best,
The Best Small Gigs in the World
tel. 01337 810372
mob. 07918 601511

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January 14th, 2010

The ingredients of what makes a good Letham Night are hard to define but on 28th November, we got it right once again. The raw energy from the Bum-clocks and the sheer joy of Luva Anna combined with the irreverent humour of both bands gave us all another fantastic evening.

Is Tam Burn, lead singer of the Bum-clocks barking? Well he certainly was at Letham Nights #9. With a howl and a wuff , he introduced the first number in their brilliant repertoire in the guise of a demented dalmation and away we went – Iggy Pop meets Rabbie Burns in ‘A Tail O’ Twa Dugs’. “Noo ah wantae be yer dug” chants Tam, as Malcolm Ross’ jagged guitar and Russell Burn’s driving rhythm on the drums carry the song along. To our delight, we find that the relationship between the bard and other contemporary musicians is a strong one – ‘Lang Lang the Night – Panic in Detroit’ turns out to be a collaboration with Burns and Bowie.

Who the heck are the Bum-clocks anyway? And what is a Bum-clock? Here is the definition: A humming beetle, that flies in the summer evenings. (from Jamieson’s Scottish Dictionary -Edinburgh 1867). “So we are the Scottish Beetles” declares Tam – boom boom! All the band members have strong credentials in the Scottish alternative music scene of the 70’s and 80’s. Tam and Russell playing in the Dirty Reds and the Fire Engines, whilst Malcolm is an ex-member of Josef K and Orange Juice (Remember “Rip it Up and Start Again”?)

The band have been supported in their musical and poetic venture by the Scottish Arts Council as part of the Homecoming Celebrations. And what a brilliant way to weave together a simultaneous tribute to Burns and the godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop! No tired tartan formulas here but creative, genuinely poetic, entertaining and very, very funny . Thanks to the Bum-clocks for gracing the stage at Letham Nights.

Now over to Roy for the Luva Anna review….

Whilst sorting out the music for the Dundee College fashion show in June, Claire handed me a CD that one of her students had submitted for review and asked me what I thought. I popped it in my HiFi and within two tracks we knew that the answer was a no for the Fashion Show but an absolute, indisputable YES for Letham Nights. A wee bit of ‘tinternet trawling confirmed my suspicions. This is a young band with a unique sound and exuberance that most established stars would kill for. Finalists in the Channel 4 “Orange Unsigned Acts” show, playing 200 gigs over the last two years, they played festivals like T in the Park, the Wickerman, Rock Ness, and Connect. They also supported The View on the Acadamy Tour. Busy boy’s indeed.
It took a bit of ducking and diving to find suitable dates as they and Letham Nights have full books for some months ahead.

That date was the 28th November and I will remember what I did on this momentous night for, well, a very long time….

The set started with Sea Shanty, a fabulous four part vocal harmony with a folky twist, seamlessly moving into Hold On, an amazing vocal delivery from Dave Webster reminiscent of both the Buckleys, Jeff and father Tim. Truly goose bump stuff.
They then fired into a set of rhythm, pace, subtlety and harmony. Delivering each sonic ingredient with power and charm, catchy melodies and solid riffs, they played songs from the self titled Luva Anna and Made Without Compromise CD’s. Amongst Coma Girl, Dumba Dumba, Angry Fat Bouncer, Sober, The ballad of Boaby Smith, Arthur McBush, Bonny Little Girl and Granton on Spey they dropped in a few new numbers like Time to Laugh and Postcards.
Dave and Drewboy Gray shared the main vocals and Guitar parts, Robbie Ward on bass, bouzouki and bass pedals (the latter two, simultaneously), and Billy Fisher’s fantastic percussion. Superb musicians and vocalists, one and all.

Almost two hours later we were all wondering two things, why is the band not totally massive and where are they playing next? I’m not sure but I’m told that all the CD’s for sale were snapped up within 10 minutes of the gig ending.

Once again Geoff the PA man supplied us with superb sound for the gig. The “Clap and Tipple” provided the bar, keeping the thirsty crowd suitably quenched with a fine selection of organic, local and fair trade beverages and buxom serving wenches.

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Letham Nights Update – Thanks to Luva Anna and the Bum-clocks

December 16th, 2009

I can’t believe 2 weeks have passed since the last Letham Nights. Here is a wee update:

Letham Nights #9 – 28th November 2009 – Luva Anna and the Bum-clocks
Reviews will shortly be posted on and on smartcommunityfife websites. In short, we had another brilliant night with everyone leaving the hall glowing with pleasure and buzzing with excitement – and in some cases a little tipsy!

Video Clips
You can view some video clips of the evening and previous ones at our Facebook Group Letham Nights or on We would also love you to join the group and add any comments. Clips can also be found on youtube by searching for Letham Nights.

If anyone has any photos (or indeed video clips) of the evening we would be happy either for you to upload these to the group or send them to me by email.

Letham Nights #10 – The Black Cat Jook Band – 16th Jan 2010
This will be the band’s second slot at Letham Nights – this time as headliners. We are all looking forward to this winter warmer with their unique brand of southern ragtime blues. You can add your name to the list of folk attending on the Letham Nights Facebook Group Event and send me an email to book your tickets.

Letham Nights #11 – The Bevvy Sisters – 13th March 2010
We have only gone and managed to book the magnificent Bevvy Sisters for Letham Nights #11!! Not only that, the band would like to invite you to their gig at Celtic Connections in January in Glasgow where they will be launching their debut album ‘The St James Sessions’. This bunch are headed for great things – just take a look at the reviews below. See the end of this email for details then get your tickets booked for Glasgow and Letham!

Cupar Blues & Beyond Club
On Friday 4th December a small group of Letham Nighters had a night oot at the Cupar Blues & Beyond Club. On show were the magnificent Baby Isaac. We will keep you in touch with all their events in the coming months.

The Friends of Collessie Church are holding a fundraising concert in Collessie village hall on 12th February 2010

It features a Scottish folk band called “Cabrach” (please have a look at their website there are also sound clips!) and tickets will be £6 per person available from Andrew McCafferty on 01337 810440 or alternatively from

Any profit made will go towards the upkeep of the Collessie Church building.

Thanks a lot for all your support, have a great Christmas and roll on January 16th!


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Letham Nights #9 – Luva Anna

November 18th, 2009

Less than two weeks to go now to the Luva Anna show on 28th November with the Bum-Clocks. Luva Anna continue to get rave reviews across the country and were crowd pleasers on bonfire Night at Baxter Park in Dundee to a huge audience though we missed it due to the heavy traffic. Here are some clips on youtube should you feel inclined to have a look.

We have had to put the price up a little to £7.50 (£5). Under 12’s are free. We think that this is still a good deal for the entertainment on offer.

Tickets are selling steadily but there are still plenty left so just get in contact either by replying to this email, phoning or texting the mobile no. below. We will put you on the list and then you just pay on the door.

Tell your friends, neighbours and family. Print and display the posterin your area. Get in touch now!

We have also now confirmed:

16th January – Letham Nights #10 with the Black Cat Jook Band – Country blues and ragtime – Yee-ha!

13th March – Letham Nights #11 with the Bevvy Sisters – very exciting news!

See you on the 28th,



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Luva Anna & The Bum-Clocks

October 30th, 2009

luvaannaThe stunning Luva Anna are coming to Letham Nights bringing their unique blend of sea shanty-folk-punk to shake things up. From Dundee, they forge folk-tinged 4-part harmonies with catchy melodies and riffs, to deliver one of the most incendiary live shows currently on the circuit to both amuse and beguile fans and critics alike.


In little more than two years, the band has played over 200 gigs, taking in the Academy tour with The
View(1500 + Capacity venues) and several Festivals including T in The Park, Rock Ness, Belladrum, The Wickerman Festival, Live at Loch Lomond and Connect.

They will be joined by the magnificent Bum-Clocks, Edinburgh-based 3-piece band whose
show combines the energy of Iggy Pop with the inspiration of Rabbie Burns. It’s post-punk
wi’ a touch o’ folk.
BUM-CLOCK, A humming beetle, that flies in the summer evenings. (from Jamieson’s
Scottish Dictionary -Edinburgh 1867). You don’t believe what you are reading?

Take a peek:

Saturday 28th November 2009, 8pm till Midnight
Tickets: £7.50 (£5 concs/ under 12 free) – book in advance to be sure of a ticket!
To reserve: email tel. 01337 810372

Bar by


Featuring Luckie Ales from Dunshalt, Wines selected from local bottle shop Luvians and other locally sourced and organic beverages and snacks.

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Mr Gavin McGinty with Lefty at Letham Nights 17th October 2009

October 25th, 2009

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Spanky’s Heroes Conquer Letham Nights!

October 21st, 2009

Last night was a another stunner musically with great sets from Mr Gavin McGinty and Lefty supporting Spanky’s Heroes.  The evening started with Gavin treating us to an acoustic set of his own songs and some covers including Hank Williams ‘Can’t Get You Off My Mind’ and the Elvis classic ‘That’s Alright Mama’.


The delightful ‘Tiptoeing Mozart’ was a homage to his grandfather and ‘Michael’s Temptress’ included the unforgettable line ‘Never trust a woman with a tattoo of a bloodstained dagger on her hip’!  We were treated to some perfectly executed yodelling, kazoo- & moothie-playing and sustained,tuneful whistling – feats of great skill and courage – as well as some wonderful slide blues guitar from  Lefty on his beautiful resonator guitar.  Jamie T?  Nah!  Give me Mr Gavin McGinty any day!

Spanky’s Heroes then took to the stage.  Liam opened with an acoustic version of Gnarls Barkely’s ‘Crazy’, instantly wowing us with the range and quality of his vocals.  After another acoustic number the rest of the band kicked in with the title track of their new EP ‘Remember the Fire’.  This was not the only incendiary number as they took us breathlessly through their range of fast, catchy, melodic, guitar-jangling tunes like Perfect Girl, Heavenly Sofa and Heart Attack.  After another acoustic interlude, they finished off with more fast and furious tunes.  The playing was tight and sharp with Liam and Stephen’s guitars echoing each other, the bass and drums driving in the background and the keyboard picking up the melody.  After this high-octane set we will ‘remember the fire’ for a long time to come!  Thanks for this boys!

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Come for a Spanky this Saturday

October 16th, 2009

A final reminder that Saturday 17th October at 8pm in Letham Village Hall, Spanky’s Heroes will take to the stage to play us a rocking set of their melodic tunes.

Supporting them on the night will be Xander Duffy.  If you haven’t got a ticket yet then just reply to this email or failing that just pay at the door!

See you there,


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Spanky’s Heroes are coming… 17th October

October 6th, 2009
Spankys Heroes

Spankys Heroes

Tickets are selling now for the next Letham Nights – Spanky’s Heroes
– on 17th October from 8pm – Midnight. . Poster attached

Please help to publicise by putting up a poster in your area and let me know so that we do not duplicate….

It promises to be a great night. As it says in the blurb – catchy, rocky, poppy, punky, funky…. What more do you want?!

Reply now to get yours. Or send a text to mobile no. below.

Or contact or



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