Letham Nights #53 – The Review

November 8th, 2017
by Letham Nights

Adam Kay

with special guest Sully O’Sullivan

The raft that laughed. The chariot of chortles. The five door of haw haw.

Yes, for one night only, the Letham Nights rock n roll behemoth became instead a vehicle for amusement and smirkful appreciation of the dark arts of the stand-up comedian.

At this point a lesser reviewer would offer up a corny play on ‘laughter being the best medicine’ and ‘who better to mend a broken funny bone than a qualified doctor’ and ‘doctor, doctor, my sides have split with mirth’ and other such baloney. But we’d never do that….. Never in a million years…… Well, erm…. You see we’ve never had a proper comedy night (complete with full blown comedy legend) so we’re a bit nervous about committing our stodgy witticisms and feeble gags to posterity lest we be judged for the ill-bred toothless simpletons that we, admittedly, are. Be that as it may, there was a night, and oh, what a night. A night of laughter and pathos. Of stage-diving and c-bombing. Of Matt the Knob and ‘Steve’ the King of Latin. Of old booze and new friends. And to cap it all there was the semi-mythical heifer of beneficence, shaking her mighty udders over all assembled and causing them to spill great filthy wadges of cash into the milk-bucket of kindness and making a sh*t-load of money for MacMillan Cancer Support in memory of great friend and Mutley-wheezing, teary-eyed joker, Iain Macaulay.

First up was Kiwi Mancunian (Mankiwian?) hepcat, Sully O’Sullivan. Sully had us pretty well sized up (somewhere between pre-theatre and social club) before he’d delivered his first line. Sure enough, his mischievous patter hit all the right notes and his bits on Britain’s national animals (‘we’ll see your dragon and raise you a unicorn’) and religious fights between Paisley school kids had us all in bits. I’m afraid poor Matt came in for a bit of stick but if you will sit fifteen rows from the stage what do you expect, Matt? It was prudent that we had doctors in as Sully’s Dirty Dancing finale with ‘Steve’ could have ended badly but turned out to be a thing, nay a shimmering crystalline moment in time, so achingly beautiful as to bring a tear to the eye of all who could bring themselves to watch. The time of our lives, indeed!

Then our main turn, ladies and gentleman. And we were in the company of comedy royalty. Author, performer, writer of radio and television gold, qualified doctor and all round good egg, Adam Kay was in the house and rocking a rather fetching medical shoe for an injury caused by a randy bull…possibly. Adam’s performance was less stand-up comedy and more subtle comic rhetoric with musical accompaniment and political overtones. So a hilariously uncomfortable excerpt from his ‘young doctor’s case book’ about patients with (how to put this) self-administered ad-hoc internal prosthetics are followed by medical reworkings of popular hits. Who could forget Paul McCartney’s jaunty tribute to urinary issues, ‘Oh Bloody Bladder’? Or that timeless paean to pulmonary decay, ‘The Girl with Emphysema’? But it’s not all hits and giggles. Adam has been leading us up the garden path, boys and girls. By way of finale he offers us the harrowing story of his final outing as an obstetrician. It’s not pretty and it’s not funny but it is big and clever and it leaves no one in any doubt of the point that Adam has been craftily leading us up to. It seems our medical professionals are not in it for the money or adulation and Secretaries of State who claim otherwise are disingenuous at best and perhaps even a little bit shitey. Well, quite.

Adam’s generosity didn’t stop at waiving his fee. He also provided us with ten, personally dedicated copies of his amazing new book, ‘This is Going to Hurt’, for silent auction. And our amazing Letham Nighters went above and beyond the call of duty with the books and takings fetching a cool £1,760 (one thousand, seven hundred and sixty pounds) for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Then, with lessons learned and laughter laughed we supped a while under the auspices of Roy’s iPod. And best of all, we made a shed-load of cash for a brilliant charity whose work has, tragically, touched almost all of us personally. Because amongst all the laughs and the craic, this was an evening to remember those we’ve lost along the way, to help those who can still be helped, and to restate a promise that one day we will beat cancer for ever. LN x

Find Adam Kay here:                         http://www.adamkay.co.uk/

And Sully O’Sullivan here:             http://www.sullyosullivan.com/

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Calling All Letham Nights Lovers!

October 28th, 2017
by Letham Nights

We need your help!

How much do you love Letham Nights?  Do you want to see our shows continue?

Could you do ONE THING ONCE?

Yes?  Then get in touch!

Planning and setting up the shows and clearing up after takes a lot of work and at the moment this is down to a very small group.  If a few more folk could give up the occasional hour here and there, then we are sorted.  If not, then without meaning to alarm you, things get a bit tricky.

So what do we need you to do?  Any of the following…

  • Postering in your local area
  • Collecting our sale-or-return order for the Clap & Tipple bar on gig Saturdays at 3.30pm
  • Returning what’s left on Sunday or Monday and paying the bill
  • Buying food for the performers, ice for the bar and any last minute stock
  • Helping to set up the hall from 4pm (chairs and tables, bar, lighting, signage)
  • Volunteering on the bar on the night
  • Collecting and cleaning glasses
  • Clearing up on Saturday night
  • Finishing the clean up on Sunday morning
  • Washing & ironing the tablecloths
  • Taking photos and video on the night
  • Sharing, commenting and enthusing on social media

If you would like to help – even doing ONE of these things ONCE a year then it would make a HUGE difference for us

So… PLEASE get in touch:

e. mike@lethamnights.org

m. 07838 820659

And if you want to become more involved and help us with our future planning, then please come along to our next AGM…

Letham Nights Annual General Meeting

Date: Sunday 12th November 2017

Venue: Off The Rails Arthouse, Ladybank Station

Time: 2pm


Up and Coming Gigs

Saturday 9th December – Jez Hellard and the Djukella Orchestra

Saturday 27th January – The Railsplitters – more info soon

Saturday 17th March – The Jellyman’s Daughter – more info soon



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Letham Nights #53 – Adam Kay

August 27th, 2017
by Letham Nights

Saturday 7th October 2017

Doors at 7.30pm

The Doctor Will See You Now – Our first ever COMEDY NIGHT with best selling author and comedian Adam Kay

2 weeks to go!
Don’t miss out!

Tickets Here>>

At Letham Nights, you know us… We like to branch out, push boundaries, give you something you didn’t know you wanted.  This time we are going for the jocular and we think you will be very amused.

Writer and comedian, Adam Kay, has just finished a second completely SOLD OUT  run of his acclaimed comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe.  He also did a completely SOLD OUT run in the West End and has toured internationally.  He is a previous winner of the London Cabaret Award and writes extensively for TV, film and radio.  Credits include Mitchell & Webb, Very British Problems, Mrs Brown’s Boys, Crims (co-creator), Mongrels, Up The Women, Flat TV, Our Ex Wife, Child Genius.  Adam is a regular voice on Radio 4’s “The Now Show”, and also appears on BBC 2’s The Culture Show.  His first book “This is Going to Hurt” was published by Picador on September 7th 2017 and shot straight into the best-sellers list.  The book has been showered with a deluge of positive reviews from all major news outlets from the Sunday Times to Buzzfeed as well as effervescent endorsements from Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross, Mark Haddon and Shappi Khorsandi. The book – and his live act – is a painfully funny and very moving account of his 6 years as a doctor in the NHS.  It will split your sides and break your heart.

So get booking folks!  You will be rewarded with some of the best laughter medicine money can buy!

You can also see Adam at Toppings Book Shop in St Andrews on Sunday 8th

The reviews speak for themselves

“Blissfully brilliant” Mail on Sunday

“Left us with eyeliner streaming down our face” Cosmo

“Electrifying” Guardian

“Filthy and incredible funny” Three Weeks

“Fantastic” Broadway Baby

“Never less than utterly clever” Telegraph

“This made me very, very happy” Stephen Fry

Two funny… Sully O’Sullivan

And of course we won’t short change you!  We have booked not one but TWO acts.  Opening for Adam will be another comedy genius of the Fringe, Sully O’Sullivan.  Sully was a highlight of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival by The NZ Herald, a highlight of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival by The Scotsman, featured on Australian TV’s The Comedy Channel, hosted a sellout standup tour of Croatia, won Canada’s annual Improvaganza Tournament, and completed 2 UK national tours.

Hall Joking Aside…

This will be a special memorial show to a great friend of ours, Iain Macaulay, with Adam taking no fee and the proceeds going to that amazing charity MacMillan. There will be opportunities on the night to contribute, and if you want, our quirky ticketing system will allow you to pay double, triple, whatever you like, over the minimum asking price…

Tickets Here>>

Go on, have a laugh!  You’re bound to end up #ROFLetham

Age Guidlines: 14+

Warnings: Contains strong language, medical and sexual references.


Clap & tipple logo

Don’t forget that the Clap and Tipple bar will be on hand to quench your thirst and tickle your tastebuds !

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The Best Small Gigs In The World!

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Letham Nights #52 – Rachel Sermanni – The Review

August 1st, 2017
by Letham Nights

Pure Enchantment!

There are 52 cards in a full deck and our friends at Letham dealt us a real cracker of a hand for the next installment of the Letham Nights story. I would call the line up of Rachel Sermanni with Hannah Jarrett-Scott in support represented a ‘Royal Flush’ that certainly deserved a ‘Full House’ and for those in the audience that came knowing nothing about the singers – well they certainly came up trumps!! (Ron really knows how to keep a pun going! – Ed)

Hannah Jarrett-Scott is a young Scottish singer-songwriter and whilst this was one of her first solo gigs, she quickly showed that she is used to being in the spotlight, drawing a warm and appreciative response from the Letham Nights audience. Trained at the Royal College of Speech and Drama – she has a CV that includes Katherine in ‘Taming of the Shrew’, Rosie in ‘Cabaret’ and Richard II in ‘Richard II’. Accompanied on keyboard by Gill Higgins – who also added sweet harmonies – Hannah switches between achingly beautiful ballads to upbeat quirky songs with both genres giving us insight into what this young talent is all about. In ‘Those Days’ you get the full range of Hannah’s voice – the athleticism, power, tonality and warmth. In ‘Granny Song’ you get a glimpse of Hannah’s personality, humour and skill with words – “If I don’t see you at the weekend, I’ll see you through the window” – and anyone who gets the line ‘from Kelty to Kirkcaldy’ successfully embedded into their lyrics has my respect. This voice is at the start of an exciting journey and I hope I don’t have to wait too long for another encounter. (Check out her EP ‘Pictures’ available on iTunes).

Reverting to my deck of cards theme Rachel would be our Queen of Spades, if I believe the press that our chanteuse is a leading exponent of ‘Folk Noir’. Rachel, it is said was born under a rainbow, and whilst there are dark tones in those whimsical magical songs – there is an overriding tenderness in her pure, pure voice, the fragility and vulnerability of which belie its immense power. It is three years since I last saw Rachel and it has been far too long. To see this elfin barefoot sprite grace the stage in Letham with Jen Austin and Thomas Cauldwell at her side and transform a village hall into what felt like a clearing in a pinewood as the Northern Lights danced around you was pure enchantment.   One of the pleasures of hearing any song of Rachel’s is that it always feels that you are hearing it for the very first time. It seems so fresh and personal to you – this is especially true in ‘Gently III’ and ‘Banks Are Broken’. Maybe, it’s because the songs come straight from her heart and dreams that gives the audience such a sense of intimacy. But like the Lady of Shallot you feel always that mirror will soon crack from side to side – ‘Tonight is the last time I get to hold you fast’ she sang as the Letham audience were thralled deeper and deeper into her web of mystery. We drank in ‘Wine Sweet Wine’ and ‘Tractor’ from ‘Tied To The Moon’ and as ‘the Fog’ gently cleared it was all too soon time to say adieu. Rachel ended the night by coming off the stage to say goodnight with Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’ and I am sure one or two did – but at Letham Night No 52 she made my dreams come true – Thank you, Thank you Rachel!!

Ron Montgomery

And how about this lovely rendition of The Fog

You can catch up with Rachel soon on her autumn tour of the UK – click here>>

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Letham Nights #52 – Rachel Sermanni with Hannah Jarrett-Scott

June 3rd, 2017
by Letham Nights

Rachel Sermanni

with special guest Hannah Jarrett Scott

Saturday 17th June 2017

7.30pm – Midnight


Tickets here >>!

It’s going to be a special night of exceptional female voices…

We had to pinch ourselves when the amazing Rachel Sermanni gave us a resounding YES! when we asked if she would headline our 52nd show on Saturday 17th June. How exciting is that!!  And then the added bonus of the talented Hannah Jarrett Scott…

The music of Folk-Noir Balladeer, Rachel Sermanni, has the flesh of Folk but, if you were to cut the skin, you’d find it pumped with contemporary, genre blended blood.  Born under a rainbow, in Raigmore hospital, on the 7th November ’91, Rachel Sermanni has grown into a writer, musician and artist. In all that she creates, it seems, there remains a preservation of the pure and mystical, symbolic in that beam of fragmented light that shone, 25 sun-spun years ago.

In 2011, Rachel Sermanni released her first EP, The Bothy Sessions, recorded quite spontaneously, deep in a Highland forest with 10 friends. Soon to follow came the studio EP, Black Currants. And on the 12th September 2012, Rachel’s debut Album, Under Mountains, was set free into the ether. Produced by Ian Grimble (Travis, Manic Street Preachers, Texas…) and recorded at Watercolour Studios nestled among big, purple hills in the West Highlands, Under Mountains was Rachel’s first full musical contribution to the world. And the world opened it’s doors.

Have a listen to this gorgeous track…

In March 2014, hiding in the sticks of Nova Scotia, Rachel sowed the seeds of a new creation. Tied to The Moon is Rachel’s sophomore studio album. It was released in July 2015 to wide spread critical acclaim. The songs follow the theme of being ‘Like a Moth’; of being in darkness but drawn to the flame. To hear it is to take a walk in the moonlight.

Her most recent release was a small EP named Gently. And it is as the name would suggest. Gentle. Listen and weep…

Rachel Sermanni’s creativity hasn’t burgeoned without help, of course. Friends, family members, peers, teachers and employees have always been supportive and often very wise in their advice or observations. And you’ll find that most of her astrological being resides in the 5th house, otherwise known as The House of Fun. Whether you adhere to horoscopic notions or not, it works as a succinct explanation in this case: Having so much planetary energy in the 5th House means that Creation equals Existence; Creative expression equals Happiness.

Tickets Available – Click Here!

Introducing Hannah Jarrett Scott

We are also delighted to announce our opening act for this show – the fantastic Hannah Jarrett-Scott who has just launched her first EP, Pictures, to critical acclaim.  Watch this lovely film of Hannah busking or go to her Soundcloud Page

Tickets Available – Click Here>>

So you think you’re funny?

At Letham Nights we are no fans of walls and boundaries.  So on October 7th 2017 we will be breaking boundaries again and hosting our first and undoubtedly hilarious COMEDY NIGHT!  This will be a special memorial show to a great friend of ours with our main act taking no fee and the proceeds going to MacMillan.  Again, we will keep you posted with details.

Clap & tipple logo

Don’t forget that the Clap and Tipple bar will be on hand to quench your thirst and tickle your tastebuds !

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The Best Small Gigs In The World!

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Letham Nights #51 – She’Koyokh – The Review

May 25th, 2017
by Letham Nights

It was the first of the next 50…

We wondered how it would be possible to follow our 50th party with the extraordinary King Creosote…

But we needn’t have worried.  Read on for a wee review from Ron…

After the heady gig of Letham Nights’ half century with King Creosote, I felt a mixture of fear and anticipation as we embarked on the next instalment of our musical journey, wondering how we were going to manage to follow LN#50. I then recalled that when travelling in India, 51 was seen as a lucky number in the sub-continent – indeed you will be often paid £51 as opposed to the £50 price on the ticket; – it is a blessing to receive the extra coin: 0 signifies an end and the £1 signifies a beginning or a gift that you have been given to increase. And in inimitable Letham Nights fashion the night was a gift that signalled many new beginnings that I am sure will produce a heavy crop in years to come!!

First to grace the Letham Nights stage, was the raven haired Nicola Madill, an emerging singer songwriter from Tayside, ably supported by the strings of John Curran of Leveebreakers fame. I was concerned when she stood up to give us the first of the beautiful songs she has written, as the packed hall was unusually restive. But should I have worried? Definitely No! By the end of the very first line of ‘There is’ she held the heart of every man and woman in that hall in the palm of her hand and you could have heard the proverbial pin …. By the end of the second song – Diamond and Rust (Joan Baez’s lament for Bob Dylan) she had totally ensnared us in her web as she made this song her own.

I may be putting myself out there – but in my opinion at Letham Nights 51, we heard a voice that will be listened to for many years to come. In ‘Invisible Strings’, a track from her album Solene (to be released in June), Nicola sang “I don’t hear you knocking at my door’ – but I heard her hammering at the door of the music industry. She has a tenderness and a melancholy in her voice that I have not heard since the late great Sandy Denny. But just like Sandy she can put her pedal to the floor and ramp up the power of her voice at the flick of a switch. It is not just about the notes that she sings that speak to me, it’s in the gaps and her phrasing that she takes her art to another level. I suspect there is a great blues singer in there too and I look forward to hearing more. There was also a real sense that this singer has lived the songs she has written and if you missed this performance, I urge you to follow her journey as I know its going to be long and epic.

Well, I thought how could you possibly follow that. But She’Koyokh did and did it with great style and panache – a heady mixture of humour, virtuoso musicianship, spiced with the frenzy, joy and soulfulness that is inherent in klezmer music. The 5 piece band (they are usually 8) had the Letham Nights faithful first tapping their toes, then stamping their feet and by the end of the night cavorting around the dance floor inventing their steps as they whirled around like dervishes. Yes, it was an evening full of energy and musical exploration and you got the feeling that for these exceptionally talented musicians the act of making music and having fun while they were doing it was an end in itself.

The troupe was led by the mesmeric clarinet of Susi Evans who was like an elfin artful dodger as she picked the pockets of our souls – and as she led, we certainly followed. Just as prominent was the violin of Meg-Rosaleen Hamilton who took us on a journey through the Balkans (she honed her art with gypsy fiddlers in Rumania) then into Turkey with her spiralling notes. At the core of the band was the drumming of Christina Borgenstierna and the guitar of Matt Bacon, both graduates of the Plodiv Music Insitute of Bulgaria. But what about the vocals – well they were the icing on the musical cake that is She’Koyokh – Cigdem Aslan appeared like a kurdish Snowwhite that has flown in straight from plains of Anatolia – a voice like a nightingale that had dined on a dish of mulberries and with her coquettish theatrics she was a joy to watch and a delight to hear. This was one class act!

The gig was a platform for their new CD – ‘First Dance on Second Avenue’ – they entertained us with songs about love and romance , Thracian folk songs, an Armenian story of forced migration and loss to jigs from Greece. They led us a merry dance through the olive trees and vineyards of the Balkans with a humour and frenzy that will live in the memory a long time – Haste ye Back to Scotland She’Koyokh – I think I have become a klezmermaniac!!

And so to the next one…!

Letham Nights #52 – Rachel Sermanni with Hannah Jarrett-Scott

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The Best Small Gigs In The World!

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Letham Nights #51 – She’Koyokh and Nicola Madill

February 22nd, 2017
by Letham Nights

And so we begin…

…the second half of our Letham Nights Century!

#LN51 with world class Balkan & klezmer ensemble, She’Koyokh

Saturday 6th May 2017 8pm

Tickets here >>!

For our 51st event, we are branching out again to another exciting musical genre. This time, we are proud to present the extraordinary Balkan & klezmer ensemble, She’Koyokh. Hailed as “one of London’s musical treasures, playing the best Balkan and klezmer music in Britain” (Evening Standard), the band have also been described as “amongst the finest klezmer ensembles on the planet” (The Australian).

The band will be touring their fourth album, ‘First Dance on Second Avenue’, a formidably gymnastic journey across Eastern Europe, She’Koyokh starts out in 1950s New York featuring klezmer, virtuosic Balkan dances and soulful songs from Albania, Armenia and Bulgaria, finishing up in a Turkish sauna, via Romanian mountains, and Serbian villages.  The tour takes in Southampton, Liverpool, York, Radlett, Edinburgh and Chichester, the Trondheim Jewish music festival in Norway AND OF COURSE LETHAM NIGHTS!!

As well as TV appearances and live sessions on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune and World on 3, they have performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Cheltenham, WOMAD and Sziget (Budapest). In March 2014 She’Koyokh released their third album, Wild Goats & Unmarried Women, on World Music Network’s Riverboat Records to critical acclaim, receiving 5 star reviews in the Evening Standard and The Australian and 4 stars in the Guardian.

So, if you know anything about Klezmer music, you will also know that the vibe on stage is going to be electric and the dance floor is going to be BURNING HOT!  Have a wee listen…

Opening Act – Nicola Madill

Opening for the band will be the supremely talented singer-songwriter from the east coast of Scotland, Nicola Madill.  Nicola is a solo artist but also lead singer and writer for The Jagged Violet. Inspired by the sounds of the seventies her solo work is a mixture of folk, blues and americana with some Eastern influences which will fit right in with our main act! Her debut album A Long Time a Comin’ features Sitar, Esraj Bouzoukie and open tunings. Nicola is a rising star and has made a number of ear-catching appearances on national radio.  Have a wee listen to this glorious track with Nicola’s rich vocals and a lush arrangement:

Tickets here >>!

Letham Nights #52

Picture by Mike Guest

We had to pinch ourselves when the amazing Rachel Sermanni gave us a resounding YES! when we asked if she would headline our 52nd show on Saturday 17th June.  How exciting is that!!

Tickets for this are now also on sale.  Please use the correct reference if booking for this show.

Tickets Available – Click Here!

Introducing Hannah Jarrett Scott

We are also now delighted to announce that the opening act for this show will be the fantastic Hannah Jarrett-Scott who has just launched her first EP, Pictures, to critical acclaim.

So you think you’re funny?

At Letham Nights we are no fans of walls and boundaries.  So on October 7th 2017 we will be breaking boundaries again and hosting our first and undoubtedly hilarious COMEDY NIGHT!  This will be a special memorial show to a great friend of ours with our main act taking no fee and the proceeds going to MacMillan.  Again, we will keep you posted with details.

Clap & tipple logo

Don’t forget that the Clap and Tipple bar will be on hand to quench your thirst and tickle your tastebuds !

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The Best Small Gigs In The World!

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Letham Nights #50 with King Creosote – The Review

February 21st, 2017
by Letham Nights

Holy moly, mercy me, mama mia and OMG! What a night. What a celebration. WHAT. A. BELTER. Oh, yes, yes, yes, ladies and gentleman, it was sold out and rolled out, turned out not burned out, meltering, sweltering and purely beltering fun, shenanigans and all round good time action on the pretty, pretty occasion of Letham Nights Number 50! Yes, fifty! Or, as the Romans would have it ‘L’. Yes, L for loving it, loving it loving it.

As special Golden Jubilee guests go, we had a proper rip-snorter of an act, don’t you worry. But more on that in paragraph 3. You’ll just have to wait and see.

First of all were good friend of Letham Nights and all-round good egg, Stephen Wragg and his Rag House Band (get it?). Shredding ukulele and ably backed by family members and antipodean bush-bass buddies, Stephen and his cheeky ensemble gave us a charming, tuneful and, at times, amusing curtain-raiser for our special night. With Rachel Wragg’s beautiful voice (shades of Beth Orton, I hope she won’t mind me saying) leading the vocal line, husband Andy on bass uke (it’s a bass, but 20 inches long – no, honestly!) and Graham from Down Under working various contraptions made from cans (and a theramin), the foursome worked their three-part harmonies and laid back uke shapes into a belting little set. Last song, Needs and Wants, united the whole band on ukes and tickled many a funny bone. Think Manu Chao meets Flight of The Conchords. In a good way.

Did I mention we had a special act for our fiftieth? I did? Oh. Well, I wasn’t joking. Fife legend, singer-songwriter par excellence and all round nice guy, Kenny Anderson, aka King Creosote, was kind enough to light up our souls with his unique blend of mournful, soul searching earth sounds. Brilliantly backed by four amazing musicians (Des Lawson on keys, Andy on drums, Gogs McLean on bass and the incomparable Mairearad Green on accordian), Kenny brought his haunting ballads of welsh wind-turbine angst (Melin Wynt) and relationship break-up waltzes (Rules of Engagement) to delight our ears and ignite our better natures. For a while at least. Because then the mood changed. Movement was discerned upon the dance-floor. Participants, at first only in the single figures but swelling, swelling into ever greater numbers; the floor gradually filling with so much heaving flesh. Slow-burning beauty gave way to toe-turning booty (sorry) and the hall uprooted and took flight, carried along on the intoxicating, seedy breath of Bacchus, winging it’s way through the cold Fife sky. And the banter, oh, the banter. There’s only one thing a Letham crowd appreciates more than great music and that’s a bit of chat. And this charming man, as well as being troubadour number one, can also work a room like a comedy giant. Des Lawson and Les Dawson all for the price of one! HONK! Great music, lunatic dancing and #bantz. It doesn’t get much better. Mmmm… nice!

Special mention is given to our own Michael Farrell and his brave, honest and moving poem paying homage to his big bro, Gerry. Nice one, Micky! Another honourable mention to stage invader Richard who travelled all the way from Skye just to hi-jack the festivities and say a few stirring words on the nature of friendship and cultural stewardship. Well done, Richie Boy!

You can find King Creosote here kingcreosote.com

You can find the Rag House Band on Facebook here>>

Click here for another review of the show (and that poem!) in the Edinburgh Evening News >>

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Letham Nights @50 – King Creosote

November 27th, 2016
by Letham Nights

Letham Nights @ 50 – Party Time!

Saturday 28th January 2017

8pm – midnight


Well folks, it was always going to be a done deal!  We promised an amazing line up for our 50th Letham Nights on 28th January 2017 and asked you to contact us to go on the priority list for tickets for this special milestone party.  Needless to say lots of people trusted us and got themselves onto the list.  Then, at our final show of 2016 on 26th November with Rose Room we announced the big reveal and a further deluge of requests for tickets came in for our headline act, the one and only…

King Creosote

astronaut-packshotTo mark this major milestone, the Mercury-nominated and internationally acclaimed Fifer and co-founder of the Fence Collective, King Creosote, will be at the centre of a fantastic extravaganza of film and music.  This will begin in the afternoon with the screening of From Scotland With Love by our sister organisation and community cinema, Letham Lights, followed by a Q&A with King Creosote who wrote the score.  King Creosote will then headline our 50th show, supported by the Rag House Band.

And so, the evening show is now SOLD OUT!  Film tickets will not be on sale until after the Christmas screening by Letham Lights of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ on 18th December.

The Rag House Band

rag-house-band-logoOur opening act for the show will be the wonderful Rag House Band, a family band with occasional guest players. They play a mixture of folk, blues and roots music with close vocal harmonies and exciting instrumental arrangements.


To go on the waiting list for returns or to express interest in going to the film screening, please email mike@lethamnights.org

Clap & tipple logo

Don’t forget that the Clap and Tipple bar will be on hand to quench your thirst and tickle your tastebuds !

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The Best Small Gigs In The World!


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Letham Nights #49 – Rose Room with special guest Georgia Gage

November 2nd, 2016
by Letham Nights

rose-room-1High Class Gypsy Jazz From Rose Room

Saturday 26th November 2016 8pm

Tickets here >>!

For our next Letham Nights we present our first full jazz outfit – and as you have come to expect from us, we don’t just book any old jazz  band.  No, we bring you one of the finest in Scotland, if not the UK.  Scottish Jazz Awards finalists Rose Room have become one of Scotland’s leading ensembles influenced by the Gypsy Jazz genre. Sharing a love of Swing music and the style of the great Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, their “vigorous and vivacious” performance will be sure to go down a storm with the Letham Nights audience as they serve up their 1930s ‘Hot Club’ standards, Gypsy Jazz favourites and self-penned originals with virtuosity, verve and panache.

Wow!  What a line up!

Based in Glasgow, the quartet features award-winning violinist and vocalist Seonaid Aitken (who also plays with the Orchestra of Scottish Opera, Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble and was the featured violinist/fiddler on ITV’s recent period drama ‘Jericho’ as well as orchestrating and appearing on the BBC/Richard Curtis film ‘Esio Trot’), Scotland’s No.1 guitar maker Jimmy Moon on double bass, and Danny Kyle Award-winners Swing Guitars’ Tam Gallagher and Tom Watson on rhythm and lead guitars respectively.

With three albums recorded to date – ‘The High Life’ (2015), ‘Am I Blue’ (2013) and ‘Somewhere In Roseland’ (2011) – Rose Room have headlined at all of the major Scottish jazz festivals, appeared at the celebrated Shetland Folk Festival, and toured Ireland performing at the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival.

Rose Room were delighted to have been nominated for ‘Ensemble of the Year’ in the last ‘Scottish Jazz Awards’ and are frequently played on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘The Jazz House’ and Jazz FM. They are involved in teaching and fundraising for The Clutha Trust charity, and recently performed to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall in a special event alongside young musicians supported by the trust. Two of Rose Room’s tracks are also featured on The Clutha Sessions charity CD.  Have a listen and then get booking!!

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What the press say:

“As close to the sound of the great Stephane Grappelli as I think you’re going to hear in Scotland”


“Rose Room swing harder than an elm tree in a force nine English gale…”


“Classy, very accomplished”


“The way that Rose Room plays this material manages to revitalise it while remaining true to its origins”

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And an opening set from new singer-songwriter, Georgia Gage…

georgia1Georgia Gage is just starting out on her musical career but we think you are going to hear a lot more about her in the near future! From an early age, Georgia LOVED music and toyed with becoming a classical pianist.  But out of the endless piano lessons and hours spent at choir practice has grown her beautiful and unique vocal style and a love of song writing. On receiving recording kit for her 17th birthday she began to record her songs, adding layers of harmony and experimenting with different sounds from violin, piano and guitar. Her song writing is compositionally complex, but immediately appealing and filled with memorable hooks. They tell tales of the mundane made fantastical, like a wonderful hot chocolate in an Edinburgh café and a summer romance with a sailor called Jerry. Slowly slowly, whilst studying for her Physics degree in Manchester, Georgia began to do live gigs. Whilst her records feature violin arrangements and layers of harmony, she performs acoustically, armed with a wealth of charming stories and an inimitable voice. Her gigs are intimate and enchanting, but feature as many hilarious moments as they do haunting ones. Having drawn comparisons with Joni Mitchell and Linda Perhacs, Georgia is a magnetic character and a masterful folk songwriter.  We think she is a right good fit for our atmospheric wee venue!  Have a wee listen here…

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Letham Nights @ 50!

Meanwhile we have also booked an amazing line up our 50th Letham Nights for 28th January.  If you would like to be on the priority list for tickets for this special milestone party then make sure you email mike@lethamnights.org. More exciting news soon!

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Don’t forget that the Clap and Tipple bar will be on hand to quench your thirst and tickle your tastebuds !

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