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As I complete the migration of content from the old Letham site to the new one one of the most missed and popular features- the historical photographs– has now been reloaded and an improved gallery facility put in place.

Please do add comments re the photos and let me know if my dates are wrong. Accesscan be got through the link on the Right had sidebar but here’s a wee taster of whats on line.
Right-click your mouse if you want to open up any of the photos in a separate window (from where you can save it/adjust/zoom in etc)

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To compliment this material I will soon be adding a video of Donald Dallas’s excellent old Letham talk. (just ironing out the technical bits just now)

Monimail Community Council Minutes of meeting, 12th October 2009

Monimail Community Council

Minutes of meeting, 12th October 2009

Present : D. Dallas; W. Fenton; B. Forrest; J. Gordon; S. Jones; G. MacLean; K. MacLean; J. Vaughan

Cllr  D. Lothian; S. Goodfellow : Fife Council Roads & Transportation

2. Apologies : A. Arbuckle, H. Laidlaw, P. Laidlaw, G. Smith

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting : accepted

  1. 4. Matters Arising

Letham Toll : BEAR Scotland : Three letters have been sent to BEAR regarding the Footpath to Ballantager and also the kerb area at the Toll however there has been no response as yet.

–          Travel Plan : no update.

Whinney Park : It appears that the work required here is being passed between the Roads Department & Drainage.

Monimail Cemetry : The slabs have been replaced at Monimail mail box but two more are needed, one at Pathcondie road end and one at top of The Row  – C.Gilbert to check this.

Tree Trimming : B.T. will not do this and it was again suggested that David Stewart be approached.

Bow Road Sewage : John Vaughan has contacted Scottish Water – a ditch was dug out by Scottish water who say overflow is acceptable. Ann Marie Dewer from Scottish water is to attend next c.c. meeting.

Tree Preservation Order : Cllr Arbuckle has the work for this in hand

Bow of Fife Speed – council has in hand , flashing speed indicators will be erected (possibly this year). A Speed check has not actually been done at the Bow ,but at the Deer centre.

Well Tree Area Ownership : Cllr Arbuckle is looking into this

5. Planning

Satellite Dishes / Conservation Area :

The Community Council have contacted people in the Village who have Satellite Dishes that do not comply with Planning and one of them is arranging for their Dish to be moved. Chris Smith from planning offered to come to a special meeting between 9am and 5pm but it was thought that this would not be helpful as most people work.

Colin G. to see if Mr Smith could come to next meeting.

Tenants in Benisla did not know  Letham is Conservation Village, however their Landlord should be well aware as the property owner. Possibility of a welcome pack was once more discussed. There were several comments about people not being allowed to use UPVC windows and doors.

Wood Shed / Bow of Fife :

Planning has not been not applied for, however there is apparently retrospective permission now being sought. There was also an issue raised whereby Neighbours had not received individual notification of an extension plan that was given permission.

Local Plan :

The Tremlins – The Rotherams  want to build a house behind the school in the woodland area they own and have approached the Community Council in help assessing the opinion of Village Residents prior to seeking approval for extending village envelope. The plan is for a House in part of land with the remainder of about 3 acres for use of village.

Donald Dallas v against this reckons flood gates would open if the envelope was changed.

Possibility of investigating village trust set up .

Cllr Donald Lothian said the Local Plan now being updated and anyone can apply for an expansion. The Plan will be up for consideration with a final say by Christmas.

Donald Dallas. and Jim Rotheram are to put out questionnaire/proposal to the village and they will collect responses. Information about this will also be posted on the Village Website and Notice Boards

6.         Treasurer’s Report : The account balance stands at £1766.24

7.         Village Hall Report :

Donald Dallas gave a talk on 9th October about “Old Letham” which was very well attended and a great success. There is a Silent Auction due to be held on Saturday 14th November – the Hall Committee will gratefully accept any donations for this!

8.         Playpark :

Nothing to report

9.         Climate Challenge Fund : Climate challenge fund received a further grant of £114.000.

The Energy Survey is currently in progress, mainly domestic and it can also be filled in online.

It was mentioned that the utility companies will also do this for you!

10.        Community Wood : Nothing to report exceot A.G.M will be coming up soon

11.        Questions :

12.        Any Other Business :

– Bus shelter needs repairing. Transportation to look into this.

– Is there any possibility of a footpath at corner by Telephone Exchange? The path from Ballantager stops here and the only route is to either walk on the road or cross the Row at a busy junction onto a footpath on the other side. Stewart Goodfellow to look into this and the possibility of tarring.

13.        Date of Next Meeting : Monday 14th December 2009, Letham Village Hall, 7.30pm




**** DATE CHANGE ****








10AM – 12NOON






See attached Leaflet






Old Letham Night

On Friday 9th October 2009 at 7.30pm (NEW DATE!) in Letham Village Hall there will be an ‘Old Letham Night‘ – an illustrated talk by local historian Donald Dallas and a chance to look at photos, maps and artefacts from the village’s past.  This will be a ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ event but stovies and tea are included!  Don’t miss it!

See flyer for details


Letham food festival success

The Local Food Festival was an incredible success; a delightful and fun day was
enjoyed by all! Our local food producers tempted festival goers’ taste buds, Letham
Hall was full to the brim for the puppet show and teas & coffees, the hay bales went
down a treat with the kids and the drumming delighted young & old! The Local Food
Group wish to thank our volunteers and participants for all their work in helping make
the festival the amazing success that it was.lethamfood1

There will be an informal Local Food Festival get together on Friday 2nd October at
7.30pm in Letham Hall – BYOB & nibbles – we will be providing a keg of local ale for
those who like a beer! We will have the opportunity to chat about the successes of the
day, whether we will do one next year and things we could do better next time.
We would like to extend an invite to ALL volunteers, participants & festival goers to
come along to the meeting; we would be delighted to see you and plan to have an
enjoyable Friday night!

Read more at the NHTT website (follow the local projects link at the top of the page)

Volunteers for NHTT Local Food Festival Set Up & Clear Up!

Volunteers for NHTT Local Food Festival Set Up & Clear Up!

NHTT are looking for some more volunteers to help with set up and clear up for the Local Food Festival. Thank you to those who have offered their services already, but they need as many hands on deck as possible.

These are the times help is needed:

Friday 18th September 2pm – Letham Park – help to erect some tents. Stall holders can put up tents then if they wish, but you will need something to guy the tent down with in case it is windy overnight!

Saturday 19th September from 10am – Letham Park & Village Hall – volunteers to help with:

Setting up Letham Hall

Helping the drummer carry drums when he arrives

Helping carry preserves to stalls

Helping carry apple pressing equipment

Helping set up Letham Hall

Helping stall holders carry equipment

Helping people set up tents/gazebos

Helping man the Tavern, BBQ during the day under guidance of Andy & Jason

Helping clear up after Festival – rubbish, Letham Hall etc

Doing bits and bobs as required

Sunday 20th September from 10am – Letham Park – see what else needs done – make sure park is left neat & tidy

If you are keen to help please let Louise Barron & Hayley Mills know or just arrive on day!

(01337 810342 or 07879996845)

NHTT Community Survey

Over the next 18 months North Howe Transition Toun will be running a wide range of environmental improvement projects in your area, mainly on the themes of food, transport and energy, funded by the Climate Challenge Fund.

In order to find out what will benefit the community the most, we will be carrying out a survey during October and November. This will ask questions about your household and what opportunities you might be interested in to reduce the impact of our community’s impact on the environment and improve its quality of life. There are several ways you can take part in the survey: You can book a visit by one of our survey team at a time that suits you, by emailing louise@nhtt.org.uk or phoning Louise on: 07879 996845

Click here for more details

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