Community Council Elections

Can you help keep our community going?

Nominations to the Community Council are now open and all residents  of the ward (Bow of Fife, Letham, Monimail and Fernie) are invited to stand. 

We have not had an election in many years and Community Councillors have been appointed simply on nomination. 

Monimail Community Council is however one of the most proactive in the region and has camapaigned successfully on a number of issues for the good of the Community. Councillors are expected to attend bimonthly meetings and faithfully represent the interests of the community on a wide range of issues. 

If you’d be prepared to stand please contact the Secretary Karen Vaughan at and we’ll get a form to you.





The Letham & District Horticultural Society’s 116th Annual Flower Show and Industrial Exhibition held on Saturday 16th August. had an encouraging 560 entries. Amazingly given the difficult weather conditions over the summer the entries were almost the same as last year (557)

Saturday turned out to be a fine day and a sunny afternoon brought out a good number of visitors.  That along with the large number of large number of items entered into the show by the exhibitors made it a very successful day.

It is always encouraging to see a large entry in the Children’s Section and this year was no exception with 136 entries.

In the under 5’s the most popular classes were some very imaginative colourful hand print paintings, pastanecklaces and the ever-popular cress grown in an egg cup.

The 5-8 age group was extremely well entered with some lovely dream catchers, fantastic edible snake and intricate Lego models.

In the 9-12 age group there was fierce competition between eight competitors with some very creativeedible creatures, colourful paintings of butterflies,beautiful dream catchers and tasty macaroon bars.

In the 13-16 age group there was some very goodartistic examples of entries with a really intricate sheep made out of modelling clay, some delicious millionaires shortbread, a decorated T shirt and an imaginative dream catcher decorated with sea shells.

In the open section for all age-groups, all the classes proved popular with the biggest entries being the decorated flower pot with 15 entries, next highest with 14 entries was the floating flower heads in a cereal bowl. There was a good entry in the photograph class with some very imaginative photos of different weather conditions. Appropriately for a flower show there were 7vegetables grown by a child class – so we have some budding gardeners of the future! Finally, the ever-popular miniature garden attracted a good number of entries with a wonderful range of ideas from the children.

Despite the difficult weather conditions this year there was a 40% increase in the number of entries to 103 inthe Vegetable Section. We have not had that level of entries since 2002! It was a very encouraging section with broad beans, French beans, potatoes and tomatoes being the most popular entries.

The Pot Plant section was popular with the more unusual exhibits of orchids, cacti and insectivorous plants being exhibited. There was also some beautiful fuchsia, colourful pelargonium and a huge display of vivid purple surfinia with the best exhibit being an outstanding begonia.

The Cut Flower section although down on last year showed a colourful array of gladioli, marigolds and fragrant sweet peas.

The floral theme continued in the Decorative Section which was well entered in every category with the competitors showing imaginative use of flowers and foliage in their displays including the ever-popular bowls of floating flower heads. There were very impressive novel arrangements of fresh flower arrangements inladles, beautiful table centre decorations on a Christmas theme and some very delicate miniature arrangements in thimbles.

In the Rural section, the theme was Summer Picnicand the ladies had certainly put their expert skills to full use with beautifully designed and imaginatively sewn picnic bags and napkins and colourful floral arrangements in tumblers. Edible entries consisted ofsavoury Scotch eggs and tasty flapjack.

Although marks are not awarded for the display each Rural had ensured that their entry was beautifully and imaginatively displayed to convey the Summer PicnicTheme

The Handicrafts Section enjoyed an increase in the number of exhibits with similar number of entries in every class and they showed a range of practical and decorative skills. The more popular categories were a decorated flower pot, a child’s motif jumper, crocheted or knitted brooches and items of jewellery.

The Baking Section was however down on last year but still there was a good spread of delectable treats. Staples such as cheese scones, dropped scones and the set recipe for a courgette loaf were most popularwith sugary treats such as Victoria sponge, traybake and marzipan fruits also proving popular.

The Jams and Jellies had the highest number of entries per class with raspberry jam, rhubarb & ginger jam and marmalade being the most popular

All the above could have easily been washed down with the selection of wines, beers, ciders and liqueurs being entered with the highest category being in the liqueur category with a very diverse range of liqueurs being entered.

Again, the weather appears to have been favourable to the fruit growers with a 50% increase in the number of fruit entries. All categories were well entered with blackcurrants and gooseberries being the most popular.

The theme for this year’s Photographic Section was “Farming Lifeand proved popular with some wonderful photos of different aspects of farming life.

The Sales Table run by Miss Wilson, Ladybank proved to be popular with broccoli kindly donated by Mrs E Crombie, Westhall.

There was also a Vegetable and Fruit tombola with donations from Kettle Produce which was keenly supported by the visitors.

Outdoor games of putting, tub ball and horseshoe throwing proved popular with a large number of children and grown-up children alike with a large queue forming over the afternoon.

Afternoon teas were provided by the ladies in the kitchen who did a sterling job serving a steady flow of thirsty visitors.

Trophies were presented by Rev. Jeff Martin of Cupar Old and Monimail with Logan Reynolds presenting himwith a flowering plant as a thank you from the Society.

The Show was rounded off with an auction of exhibits that had been very kindly donated by the competitors thus ending what had been a very successful 116thShow.

Willie Fenton, on behalf of the Society, thanked all the competitors, helpers and visitors who made the Show possible and for making it such a success and encouraging everyone to come back next year.


Auction of Promises

Dear All

As you know, we have achieved extensive improvements to the Village Hall over the last three years.  We thank everyone in the community for their continuing support of events that happen every week, month and year.  The Hall Committee is now planning further improvements to the ladies toilets, replacing the curtains and ambitiously to install a sound system and eventually to look for a new kitchen.  These improvements will draw further on funds which have already been depleted by contributing to the costs of replacement windows and boilers, rewiring, insulation, replacement of the gents toilets etc.


You may help easily by supporting this auction event by being there on the evening and by providing items to be auctioned or making a “promise(s)”   of your time or something you have made.  A promise(s) can be anything from baking to a zen massage, or gardening to a ukulele lesson.


Please complete the attached document stating what item you will donate or the “promise(s) you will undertake, and post it in the letter box at Sunnybank, The Square, Letham. Auction items will be collected near to the event time as required.


 Many thanks in advance. Kath Black, (on behalf of the Hall Committee)

Auction Form




The Letham and District Horticultural Society’s Annual Garden Competition held on 4 August proved once again to be popular and attracted a good number of entries in all its sections.

This gave the judge, Roy Daniels of Kirkcaldy, a difficult task in selecting the prize winners.

The Tubs and Hanging Basket category all presented a riot of colour and range of flowers and the judge commented on the good use of both plants and colour in the displays.

The Landscaped Garden category as always proved popular with a large variety of designs and themes with all the gardens showing a vibrant display of colour, foliage and well-maintained lawns.

The Vegetable Gardens provided proof of the quality, variety and quantity of produce the keen gardeners had grown.

The hard work and enthusiasm of the competitors made it a rewarding day for the judge and the quality of the flowers and vegetables seen in the competition suggests there will be some close competition for those entering the Annual Flower Show at Letham Village Hall on Saturday 11 August which opens to the public at 2.00pm.

Can we remind any entrants that our Cut Flower Section is an Open category toanyresident within Fife. Any queries to Alison McDonald, Secretary Telephone 01337 810250.









Best kept and cropped Vegetable Garden

Winner receives the Paterson Shield


1st      –           Miss A Irvine, Prosen, Coaltown of Burnturk

2nd     –           Mr J. Duncan, 1 Lomond Crescent, Falkland

3rd       –           Mr D Ellis, 8 Crawford Park, Springfield



Best Kept Flower Plot

Winner receives the Brunton-Kidd Medal


1st       –           Mr A Lumsden, Carrack, Brighton Road, Cupar

2nd      –           Mr R Hoggan, 5 Beech Avenue, Ladybank



Best Landscaped Garden




1st      –           Mr & Mrs G Hutchison, Collairnie House

2nd       –           Lady J. Spencer-Nairn, Barham, Bow of Fife

3rd      –           Mr D Dallas, Balyarrow,Monimail Road, Letham




1st=        –           Mr Ronaldson, Roselea Terrace, Ladybank

                        Mr I Gordon, Heatherlea, Freuchie Mill Road,Freuchie

2nd      –           Mrs C Sutherland, Catherine Cottage, Giffordtown

3rd        –           Mr D Ellis, 8 Crawford Park, Springfield 

Best Onion Bed


1st                   Mr D Ellis, 8 Crawford Park, Springfield

2nd                 Mr J Duncan, 1 Lomond Crescent, Falkland

3rd                   Sir R Spencer-Nairn, Barham, Bow of Fife


Best Onion Sets

1st=     –           Miss A Irvine, Prosen, Coaltown of Burnturk

                        Mr J Duncan, 1 Lomond Crescent, Falkland

2nd       –         Mr D Ellis, 8 Crawford Park, Springfield

3rd      –           Sir R Spencer-Nairn, Barham, Bow of Fife


Best Tub or Pedestal of Flowers


1st       –           Mr R Hoggan, 5 Beech Avenue, Ladynbank

2nd      –           Mrs J Ellis, 8 Crawford Park, Springfield

3rd       –           Mr A Lumsden, Carrack, Brighton Road, Cupar


Best Hanging Basket of Flowers

Winner receives theD & J Drummond Shield


1st        –           Mrs J Ellis, 8 Crawford Park, Springfield           

2nd =    –           Mr A Lumsden, Carrack, Brighton Road, Cupar

                        Mr J Duncan, 1 Lomond Crescent, Falkland

3rd       –           Mr I Gordon, Heatherlea, Freuchie Mill Road,Freuchie



Letham Primary School Sunflower & Potato Growing Competition

Well done to all the Letham Primary School pupils who entered their sunflowers and potatoes in the Competition judged on Sunday 5 August. 
There was a good entry of 14 sunflowers and 24 sacks of potatoes.
The winners were as follows:
1st Fraser Armstrong 162cm
2nd Sam Brincat 149cm
3rd Rowan O’Hare 140cm
1st Luke Grindle 1531g
2nd Ella McGeorge 1275g
3rd Millie Armstrong 1254g
Trophies for 1st place in each category and medals for the top 3 places will be handed out at the Show on Saturday 11 August at 4 pm.

One Month to go … 11th August 2018

Just a reminder that it is just over a month to the Flower Show and if you have not already done so it’s time to start organising your entries.


Children’s Sunflower and Potato Competitions.

Hopefully the good weather will mean that you have a sunflower that is ginormous in your garden and enough potatoes to keep Kettle Crisps in production for a month.


Do not despair if that is not the case – careful watering and feeding over the next few weeks could make all the difference.

Judging will take place on Sunday 5 August and if you want your sunflower measured and/ or potatoes weighed please let Alison McDonald know by Friday 3 August. (Telephone 01337 810250) If you are not to be at home please make sure your sunflowers and potato grow bags are clearly labelled.



Helpers for Setting up and on the day

As always, we would appreciate any help setting up on the Thursday night (9TH) and for marking on the day of the show.


Arrangements for setting up are simply meet at the hall on Thursday Night at 6.30PM and be ready to muck in.


Markers are needed on the day of the show and all volunteers are welcome.  If it is your first time you will be paired with someone who has done it before.  


Also volunteers to man the door, the raffle, and help out in general are always welcome.


Feel free to phone Alison if you want any information on what is involved.

Garden Competition

Can anyone wishing to enter their garden; vegetable plot; hanging baskets or tubs into the Garden Competition please let Alison McDonald (Telephone 01337 810250) know by 27th July.

Anyone living within a 7 mile radius of Letham is eligible to enter.

The 2018 Gymkhana schedule is here!

This year’s Gymkhana will be held on Sunday 19th August.

After a successful partnership with the Fife Riding Club in 2017, we’re working together again this year and will hold the Gymkhana at their excellent club facilities in Glenrothes.

The 2018 schedule is available at the link below.  It includes the usual classes for all ages and abilities with a range of heights and classes.  This year we’ve also added a couple of team competitions so why not get a group of friends to enter as a team to get an extra chance to win one of our many trophies!  Details are on the schedule.  Entry fees have also been reduced this year for advance entries, and there’s even a special offer to be found!

Gymkhana schedule 2018

Click this link to view the Gymkhana privacy notice 2018

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