Melville Landfill Site Update

Lower Melville Wood landfill was inspected on 14 February 2018. Pockets of landfill gas were detected at the base of the western and northern slopes of Phase 4, Cells 1 & 2. The site manager was made aware of this after the inspection.

All of the seven new boreholes are now connected to the gas management system. SEPA are undertaking two odour assessments per week. Sometimes landfill gas has been detected during these assessments but it has not been regarded as being ‘offensive’. The detection of landfill gas emissions varies depending on atmospheric conditions.
A Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) plan has been received (02 February 2018) from Fife Council’s consultants for the capping of Phase 4, Cells 1 & 2.  SEPA is currently assessing the proposals and will make comment shortly. Once the CQA plan is agreed, contractors will be installing a capping layer. This should reduce the fugitive landfill gas emissions.

Some material is required for completion of the cells in Phase 4, cells 1 & 2 to build up the height for capping work.  However, most landfilling is now taking place in Phase 3, Cell 2 which is located close to the wind turbine. 

I have spoken to Michael Lee this morning. Michael is one of the site managers at Lower Melville Wood Landfill. He advises that the infilling of Phase 4 is nearly complete and this should be finished within 2-3 weeks.   

If you experience any offensive odours from the landfill please contact me at the Glenrothes office on 01592 776910.

A Rubbish Update 

Colin Anderson ( SEPA Area Manager) has proactively been in touch with the Community Council to discuss the ongoing odour issues coming from Melville Landfill Site. 

The issue appears to be the cells that are being filled and attempts are being made to make them smaller. 

Community concerns were shared with Colin and the following outcomes agreed by him;

  • Share the sampling data taken by the local teams
  • Judith Moore who is responsible locally (Fife’s Team Manager) to come to our meeting on the 11th September to discuss the whole issue.

Colin wishes to engage with the community and is working with Fife Council to try to finally resolve the issue.

Melville Update

Latest updates from Melville Landfill site courtesy of Cllr David McDairmid

Why is the 100ft wind turbine not in operation at Lower Melville Wood landfill site, after being erected many months ago?


The problem is with Scottish Power’s delay in connecting to the grid.

Scottish Power have promised FIfe Council to have the turbine operational by the end of this month (May).

How much does the council make from the gas generation from lower melville wood and Dunfermline.


£1 million in 2015.

What about the stench that is being leaked from the lower melville wood landfill site.


The well seals are being replaced throughout the site, and should help the situation, although further leaks could not be guaranteed in the future, SEPA have no concerns.