“Melville Ming” Update

Our local MP, Stephen Gethins, has been pursuing the operators of the Landfill site for some explanation as to the foul odours emanating from Melville Landfill Site. The response he got was,

Service manager John Conaghan: “We are currently arranging for an additional 17 gas wells to be installed within Phase 4 (the most recently completed cell). The flanks of the cell are capped, and we should recommence with the capping of the crown cell once the spring weather is here and we receive more sub-soils to allow us to do this.

We did meet with SEPA recently, and discussed our programme of works with them, and I believe they are planning to liaise with the community.”

He went back to ask him to clarify as this sounded a bit like what he had said last February. Response below.

“The 17 proposed gas wells are in addition to what was installed previously. Normally, we’d wait until the full capping layer was in place before installing these, but have decided to install them earlier to assist with addressing any odour issues.

“The shaping of the waste mass has been completed, and some emplacement of sub-soils has taken place, but this latter aspect is not fully complete. We are dependent upon the availability of sub-soils, and discussions have taken place with our colleagues in Property Services re. any projects they are involved in that may generate the materials we require. It is looking promising that we’ll get some materials from the Madras school project later on this year, and we’ll be trying to source sub-soils from other parties in the interim.”

“I trust the above clarifies the situation, but should you have any further questions then do not hesitate to get back to me.

If you have any further queries you can contact Stephen through his constituency office at

38-40 Bonnygate, Cupar, Fife, KY15 4LD

Tel: 01334 657765

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