Melville Landfill Update

 Councillor Andy Heer has provided this update regarding the ongoing odour issues at Melville Landfill Site.
“I was talking today to Robin Baird the Chief Operating Officer of Fife Resource Solutions, the company that operates the landfill site.
He tells me that they have accelerated the capping of the current cell and they are also testing every load that goes into the landfill to see if they can identify if it is waste from a particular source that is causing the problem.
They have been waiting on the go-ahead from SEPA to start using the new cell which as I have previously described has been designed to reduce odour as mush as possible. They now have this go-ahead and so hopefully we should see a reduction in smell soon.”

In the meantime please continue to report any smells on tel:01592 776910. Or these channels

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