Monimail Community Council – May2015

Letham Village Hall

Monday 7th May 2017 – 7:00pm

1. Present

2. Apologies

3. Approval of Minutes of 13th March 2017

4. Matters Arising

5. Lower Melville Landfill

6. School Brae Adoption

7. Replacement Street Lights

8. Planning Applications

9. Treasurer’s Report

10. Superfast Broadband

11. Police Report

12. Community Groups

a. Letham lights – BFI equipment
b. Village Hall – hearing loops
c. School

13. Any other business

14. Date of Next Meeting – July 10th 2017

What A Load of Smelly Rubbish

The Community Council have been in touch with Councillor Andy Heer re the smells coming from Ladybank landfill.

He has shared following response from the site operator  with us.

“Further to my last email I can confirm that the site have identified the source of the fugitive emissions is likely to be the seals of the chambers- of which there are 6. Pressure testing has revealed the seals have deteriorated and whilst not all have failed testing; due to the need to bring up the pumps to ‘draw down the head’, this deterioration has been exacerbated and their lifespan was less than anticipated.

The site have proposed new pump specifications which should allow them to draw down the head ( the level of leachate) without exposing the pumps and damaging the seals in the future.

They have also proposed replacing all the lids and seals on all 6 chambers.

Including the time it takes to procure the materials, an action plan has been submitted to SEPA and is due for completion at the end of w/e 21 March.

In the meantime work has commenced to temporarily seal all chambers, I would expect an odour reduction from completion of the temporary measures due by the end of the week”


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