On 29th April we had the return of the Sisters (of the Bevvy variety) to Letham Nights.  But can you believe it? Now the brothers (of the Black Oil variety) are coming back again to be reunited with their extended family. With new songs in their locker and a swagger in their step from playing support to Buddy Guy (at Buddy Guy’s!!! in Chicago!!! – I know, right!), the boys are desperate to get back on stage at Letham Nights. The boys are embarking on their 3rd Annual Tour of the UK, and as always, the tour would not be complete without a stop in their favourite village to see their favourite folks.   This from band member Tony Manno: “A TBOB UK tour without a Letham Nights stop is not a tour at all. This time we’ll be bringing Johnny Action on the drums to make sure every foot in the house doesn’t stop stompin’ all night!”

Check them out here and here

Opening for them will be the inimitable Mick Pritchard with his pared down, gutsy, bare-necessities blues. Quiet and unassuming offstage, when he gets behind that microphone, you’ll know he’s there alright!

So what’s keeping ya?  Get your reservations in quick – It’s only 5 weeks away.

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Mike 🙂 xx