Dear Letham Nights lovers,

Who knew?!  When we started up Letham Nights our aim was to provide a stage for local talent, but who knew this would happen….

Local residents of Letham and Monimail Parish, Lynne Harvie and Donald Dallas have been so inspired by Letham Nights that they have put together their own band along with friends Martin Kotlewski and John Arthur and will play their first gig as support to The Banana Sessions and Amy Rayner at Letham Nights #23 on Saturday 3rd March at Letham Village Hall.  Lynne has been a regular devotee of Letham Nights since its inception in 2008 missing only 2 of the previous 22 gigs.  But this time she decided to take things several steps further. Firstly, she wrote a song about Letham Nights – Letham Blues.  And as if that wasn’t enough, she began practising it secretly with local historian, teacher and guitarist, Donald Dallas.  Before they knew it, two other musician friends, Martin and John, came on board to form a 4-piece band – the Letham Lullaboys – and they approached the Letham Nights team about making their debut.

This was too good an opportunity to turn down! We set up Letham Nights to provide a stage for local talent and you can’t get much more local than Lynne and Donald!  We are delighted that Letham Nights has inspired them to make music.  We have had a sneak preview and people will not be disappointed!”

Lynne and the Letham Lullaboys will take to the Letham stage for their first live performance at Letham Nights #23 on 3rd March 2012 at 8pm. They will be followed by NE Fife singer songwriter Amy Rayner and then the magnificent The Banana Sessions.

Surely you are not going to miss this….?!!!

Use the details oppposite to book your ticket.

Michael 🙂