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Letham Nights – The Best Small Gigs in the World!

At Letham Nights we love music!  Letham Nights aims to bring high quality music to Letham Village Hall and provide a stage for local talent. We are committed to supporting musicians and working to create a zero-carbon village hall. At each of our events, the ‘Clap and Tipple’ bar will bring you a fine selection of beer, wines, soft drinks and snacks which are as far as possible locally sourced, organic and/or fair trade.

Our Vision

Commitment to local live music: at a time when many quality live music venues are being closed down or struggling, we have shown that it is possible to sustain a live music venture in a relatively remote rural community. This is largely down to a small group of music-loving volunteers who in their spare time plan, organise and present the events, drawing on the talents of a small group of expert helpers.

Commitment to musicians: we recognise the changing and highly challenging environment in which musicians find themselves. Initiating and developing Letham Nights has taught us to appreciate the huge efforts of musicians to showcase, and thus make a living from, their creative work. As musicians make less and less income from recorded music sales, access to live music venues is critical for their financial and creative stability. We therefore commit to maximise their income from our door sales so they can at least guarantee a living wage and an appreciative, listening audience.

Committed to community: we believe in promoting grass roots access to music. Providing a local, rural audience with live music of the highest quality and integrity, and at an affordable price, is not only possible but, for us, fundamental to supporting the cultural well being of the community. We have done this successfully since 2008.

The audience at Letham Nights is drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages. We are particularly pleased a growing group of teenagers are attending the gigs and gaining an appreciation of live music. This, injection of fresh support, will sustain the village hall, support local musicians and create local employment, training and volunteering opportunities for young and old (e.g in event management, promotion, marketing and PR, sound engineering, lighting, website development, bar work).

Committed to the environment: when we started in 2008, Letham Village Hall was not only in need of more bookings to bring in income, it also leaked energy and bills were exorbitant. This led to our decision to support the long-term aim of a zero-carbon and financially stable village hall. We have gradually begun to provide practical support for this aim, contributing to new double glazing and supporting further developments such as rewiring and a new heating system which will pave the way for further energy saving improvements.


4 Responses to About Us

  1. Miss Quincy says:

    Dave, Letham nights sound fantastic! how do i get in contact with you to find out more about them?
    Miss Q

  2. Dave says:

    I forwarded your details to Mike- The Main Man. He’ll be in touch…..Dave

  3. Vivienne says:

    Letham Nights 11 – WOW !
    What an awesome night guys. The Bevvy Sisters were fantastic. Support act Kirsty was great too – what a talented lass. !
    You guys really have something special going on up there and I was glad to be part of it ! See you soon, VIvienne

  4. maggie says:

    I had the lovliest night of the year and all because of Lovely Letham Nights… fine song and batty banter,borrowed tabs and great company
    Will be back again soon
    Thank you wee lovely gigs at Letham -it was great

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