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a wee taster from our latest wonderful Letham Nights with Mick Pritchard and the Black Oil Brothers…

Follow the Black Oil Brothers on Facebook as they tour the rest of the UK…

Review and more clips to follow…

More family reunions!

On 29th April we had the return of the Sisters (of the Bevvy variety) to Letham Nights.  But can you believe it? Now the brothers (of the Black Oil variety) are coming back again to be reunited with their extended family. With new songs in their locker and a swagger in their step from playing support to Buddy Guy (at Buddy Guy’s!!! in Chicago!!! – I know, right!), the boys are desperate to get back on stage at Letham Nights. The boys are embarking on their 3rd Annual Tour of the UK, and as always, the tour would not be complete without a stop in their favourite village to see their favourite folks.   This from band member Tony Manno: “A TBOB UK tour without a Letham Nights stop is not a tour at all. This time we’ll be bringing Johnny Action on the drums to make sure every foot in the house doesn’t stop stompin’ all night!”

Check them out here and here

Opening for them will be the inimitable Mick Pritchard with his pared down, gutsy, bare-necessities blues. Quiet and unassuming offstage, when he gets behind that microphone, you’ll know he’s there alright!

So what’s keeping ya?  Get your reservations in quick – It’s only 5 weeks away.

To reserve a ticket use the contact details on this page.

You can also sign up to the Letham Nights Facebook Group.

If you accept the invite to the event on Facebook please also leave a message to say how many tickets you want,


Mike 🙂 xx

Letham Nights Update – Thanks to Luva Anna and the Bum-clocks

I can’t believe 2 weeks have passed since the last Letham Nights. Here is a wee update:

Letham Nights #9 – 28th November 2009 – Luva Anna and the Bum-clocks
Reviews will shortly be posted on letham.org.uk and on smartcommunityfife websites. In short, we had another brilliant night with everyone leaving the hall glowing with pleasure and buzzing with excitement – and in some cases a little tipsy!

Video Clips
You can view some video clips of the evening and previous ones at our Facebook Group Letham Nights or on letham.org.uk. We would also love you to join the group and add any comments. Clips can also be found on youtube by searching for Letham Nights.

If anyone has any photos (or indeed video clips) of the evening we would be happy either for you to upload these to the group or send them to me by email.

Letham Nights #10 – The Black Cat Jook Band – 16th Jan 2010
This will be the band’s second slot at Letham Nights – this time as headliners. We are all looking forward to this winter warmer with their unique brand of southern ragtime blues. You can add your name to the list of folk attending on the Letham Nights Facebook Group Event and send me an email to book your tickets.

Letham Nights #11 – The Bevvy Sisters – 13th March 2010
We have only gone and managed to book the magnificent Bevvy Sisters for Letham Nights #11!! Not only that, the band would like to invite you to their gig at Celtic Connections in January in Glasgow where they will be launching their debut album ‘The St James Sessions’. This bunch are headed for great things – just take a look at the reviews below. See the end of this email for details then get your tickets booked for Glasgow and Letham!

Cupar Blues & Beyond Club
On Friday 4th December a small group of Letham Nighters had a night oot at the Cupar Blues & Beyond Club. On show were the magnificent Baby Isaac. We will keep you in touch with all their events in the coming months.

The Friends of Collessie Church are holding a fundraising concert in Collessie village hall on 12th February 2010

It features a Scottish folk band called “Cabrach” (please have a look at their website there are also sound clips!) and tickets will be £6 per person available from Andrew McCafferty on 01337 810440 or alternatively from bridgmccafferty@btconnect.com

Any profit made will go towards the upkeep of the Collessie Church building.

Thanks a lot for all your support, have a great Christmas and roll on January 16th!



Vote for vivienne…

If you go to one of the links below you will find instructions for voting
for Vivienne as the ‘Voice of Fife’. Vivienne will be playing letham nights
on 12th September with Chloe Hall. She has a lovely voice and it would be
good to support her. Have a listen online.


Voice of Fife 09

Letham Nights gets socially networked!

ssnsitesThe Letham Nights Dynamic Duo of Mike Farrell and Roy Campbell have just set up some groups on the most popular Social network sites; Facebook, Twitter and My Space.
Just click on one of these links to go their pages

Letham Nights aims to bring high quality music to Letham and provide a stage for local talent. We are committed to creating a zero-carbon village hall and funds from these events will go towards this aim. We support North Howe Transition Toun and are delighted to welcome the Transition Tavern to provide you with local ale and wine.