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iPhone blues…

a wee taster from our latest wonderful Letham Nights with Mick Pritchard and the Black Oil Brothers…

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They’re back again!

Can you believe it?  The brothers are coming back again.  With new songs in their locker and a swagger in their step from playing support to Buddy Guy at Buddy Guy’s!!! in Chicago, the boys are desperate to get back on stage at Letham Nights. This is their 3rd Annual Tour of the UK, and as always, it would not be complete without a stop in their favourite village to see their favourite folks. This from band member Tony Manno: “A TBOB UK tour without a Letham Nights stop is not a tour at all. This time we’ll be bringing Johnny Action on the drums to make sure every foot in the house doesn’t stop stompin’ all night!”. Blues was born in the Mississippi delta and raised on the streets of Chicago’s south side. The Black Oil Brothers draw from the same well as their heroes and that lets your ears know that there ain’t a damn thing wrong with the sound of a good man feeling bad.  Such is the blues: finding outlets in music that turns heartbreak into ass shake. Such is the music of The Black Oil Brothers and it very well may be saving our souls. Let them save yours, in Letham!!

And opening for the brothers, we are delighted to present again the inimitable, pared down, gutsy, bare-necessities blues of Mick Pritchard.  Born and raised in the backwater of Maltby, a mining town in the heart of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Mick Pritchard spent most of his teens dreaming of playing bass guitar. Aged 16 and after raising £90 he bought an Encore six string electric guitar from Argos, replaced the strings with bass strings and started playing along to Stone Roses records. In 2008 Mick moved to Edinburgh, swapped his two bass guitars for an acoustic guitar and began to teach himself blues picking. Mick will be picking his way through a number of ‘oldies’ through to more contemporary fare and even one or two modern classics and originals including songs about tortoises and handheld media/communications devices…!

More family reunions!

On 29th April we had the return of the Sisters (of the Bevvy variety) to Letham Nights.  But can you believe it? Now the brothers (of the Black Oil variety) are coming back again to be reunited with their extended family. With new songs in their locker and a swagger in their step from playing support to Buddy Guy (at Buddy Guy’s!!! in Chicago!!! – I know, right!), the boys are desperate to get back on stage at Letham Nights. The boys are embarking on their 3rd Annual Tour of the UK, and as always, the tour would not be complete without a stop in their favourite village to see their favourite folks.   This from band member Tony Manno: “A TBOB UK tour without a Letham Nights stop is not a tour at all. This time we’ll be bringing Johnny Action on the drums to make sure every foot in the house doesn’t stop stompin’ all night!”

Check them out here and here

Opening for them will be the inimitable Mick Pritchard with his pared down, gutsy, bare-necessities blues. Quiet and unassuming offstage, when he gets behind that microphone, you’ll know he’s there alright!

So what’s keeping ya?  Get your reservations in quick – It’s only 5 weeks away.

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LETHAM NIGHTS 16 (blowing the cobwebs)


18th February 2011

Letham Village Hall

After the disappointment of having to cancel the Bevvy Sisters gig due to the awful weather, we were really looking forward to blowing the winter blues away with Letham Nights 16. We had Buckley’s Chance and the Howie Fyfe Experience booked to entertain you. The crew had bought in the beverages and snacks, the hall was looking as classy as ever, Geoff the sound guy was ready……… when we got the call……. Buckley’s Chance singer Syuzan had been struck down with a bad case of food poisoning and would have to cancel. They were “gutted” not to be able to play such is the reputation that Letham Nights has earned. We will reschedule, that’s a promise. We, on the other had, didn’t have time to be “gutted”, a few phone calls later we had arranged for half of the Moonzie Allstars and the very impressive Mick Prichard, self confessed ”South Yorkshire’s premiere ”sighted” blues man”. David Adam, from the Moonzies, came all the way down from Blairegowrie to play for us. Mick was attending the gig anyway but brought his guitar and vocal chords along with him. The Howie Fyfe Experience were able to lengthen their set accordingly. I have to say at this point “Well done to everyone involved, out of adversity, it’s amazing what can be achieve with a positive attitude”, thanks again to Roy, Claire, Michael, Mick, Emma, Zoe, Leo and Geoff as well as all the musicians mentioned earlier.

The Howie Fyfe Experience kicked off the proceedings with a first set, plucking from the very rich sea that is Americana, a varied and diverse selection of well known and lesser well known songs. Written by or made famous by the great and the good,  John Prine, David Allen Coe, Bobby Bare, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Rolling Stones, Steve Earle, Gram Parsons, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen to name a few. Songs including Speed of the Sound of Loneliness; Lafayette; You Never Even Call Me by my Name; Miller’s Cave; Streets of Baltimore; He Lays in the Reins; Willin’, were the highlights amongst great songs of the first set.

 A short break to allow the Clap and Tipple to fill everyone’s glasses was followed by the birthday celebrations of Lynne. Lynne, Sharon and friends have graced us with their presence on almost all of the Letham Nights held over the two odd years we have been in existence. This was followed by Mick Pritchard. Mick had already graced the stage at the open mic section of The Loveliest Night of the Year event. He played a short set, having been asked to play just hours before the show started. Four songs, two covers, Neil Young’s Harvest Stack ‘o’ Lee by Mississippi John Hurt, one self penned Minnesota Bound and a brilliant rendition of “The Bear Necessities”, the reception to this almost like an encore. I have to say Mick is becoming a force to be reckoned with, his performance has come on in leaps and bounds since his last appearance in June. Great guitar picking and a versatile, powerful and soulful voice really wowed the crowd.

 Geoff and David, after a short break performed a “Half Moonzies” set, the musicianship, the songs and the chemistry between Geoff and David was electric. Great interplay between the Cumbrian Pipes, whistle, guitar, bazouki and percussion (Yes, there were only the two of them on stage) ensured the crowd rose from their seats to dance a jig during their set. They roared through 9/8’s, Mutt and Bear (David’s creative use of a loop pedal, multi layering the pipes), AC/DC’s Whole Lotta Rosie and Good Bye Bertha (from the Moonzie AllStars debut CD Hypnagogic)

 The Howie Fyffe Experience performed their second set which was more upbeat than the first, exactly what the crowd wanted. The dancing continued as Copperhead Road; Splendid Isolation; Long Black Veil; Wild Horses; Do Bad Things; Worry Too Much; Jezebel; Bible and a Gun; Wine Do your Stuff; Poncho & Lefty; Peaceful Easy Feeling; Keep Your Distance; Two More Bottles of Wine were rattled off.  Some of the best Americana songwriters songbooks were lovingly rendered by Ned |Geddis, Guitars, CC Campbell, keys and fiddle, Pete MacLeod, bass and Colin Maclean on percussion. Ned brought out quite an evil looking black and chrome Fender Telecaster during the set which seemed right for the encore, Six Days on the Road and You Aint Goin’ nowhere.

The Clap and Tipple bar was left with much less stock than when they set up, all that dancin’ is sho’ ‘nuff thirsty work. Once again the bar was kept busy all night, well done every one, once again fabulous wines and Scottish beers and Organic Ciders, all as locally sourced as practical.


A Right Royale Bevvy!!

Thank you to everyone who came to Letham Nights #16 with the wonderful Howie Fyffe Experience, the amazing Mick Pritchard and a stunning impromptu set from the ‘Half-Moonzies’ (there were only two of them!).  A review of the gig will be posted as soon as…

In the meantime though, we wanted to let you all know that our rescheduled Bevvy Sisters gig has been rescheduled again due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control.  Breaking with normal Letham Nights tradition, this is a Friday 29th APRIL!  As you know this is an extra public holiday.  One thinks there is something else happening that day but clearly the Bevvys playing Letham Nights is reason enough for a holiday and we intend to have a Right Royale time of it.

As you may know, the sweet sound of the Bevvy Sisters has been gracing the airwaves and live performances across the country for some time now and they have built up a quite formidable national reputation.  The last time they played Letham it was a complete sell-out and this time promises to be no different, so get your booking in early to avoid disappointment.

Join us for a Right Royale Bevvy – 29th April 2011 – Letham Village Hall, Letham, Fife 8pm – Midnight.

Letham Nights 13, The Loveliest Night of the Year

Talking late into the night we got onto the subject of recipe’s. The discussion went onto discuss the fact that recipe’s aren’t

always food related. There are recipes for, say, a happy life, a good book or a perfect day, I bet you have many more examples.

With these thoughts bouncing around our heads Claire, Michael and I thought about the recipe for the perfect Letham Nights.

This is what we came up with

1800g of Celebrating Fife
2 fl oz of Midsummer
7 visiting relatives, From the USA
70°F of fantastic weather
13 Locally sourced performers, young and fresh
6-10 seasoned open mic musicians, various ages
1 compere, preferably juicy
2 professional, performing arts-based practitioners.
100 burgers from Pillars of Hercules
25 punnets of free strawberries
4 pints of cream, optional.
1 Clap and Tipple bar, fully stocked and staffed
1 Luva Anna.

To start, early in the morning mix together the two Arts practitioners with the 13 young performers, leave to photosynthesise for the rest of the day, making sure the creative juices flow nicely. Set aside to marinade towards a performance.

Meanwhile, arrange the Hall, the Clap and Tipple bar, the Pillars burgers, the strawberries, cream and the 7 relatives along with the PA, the Celebrating Fife funding and weather. Leave to soak up the atmosphere.

Then, mix all the elements together for the food part of the day, Make ready the audience by serving great veggie burgers/salad and very tasty free strawberries, allow situation to relax until done. Mix in 70°F temperatures and sunshine.

When replete, start the performance.
It started in a “flash mob” style, no introduction, straight into the performance, the young people walking through the hall from the various entrances. It took the audience a few seconds to realise what was happening. The performance included the spoken word, both solo and collectively, singing and musicianship. They conveyed a surprisingly honest take on teenage thoughts, fears, humour and sorrow. Being in the “gang” or not, loneliness, body image were issues also touched. Haggis man being particularly poignant.
They had written a song called the Loveliest Night of the Year and sang it beautifully.
Huge thanks to the young performers, to the tutors Fiona Miller and Mick Slaven for their fantastic efforts. What they managed to achieve in a day was remarkable.

Next, allow the musicians to play and sing their hearts out. First up, and as a wee taster for the music side of the day Roy Campbell and Mick Slaven performed two songs one of which Roy knew and the other Mick knew, neither had been practised beforehand.
Rhythm Is a Dancer and Pills and Booze were well received.
Steven Tom Smith soulfully sang through his beautiful songs, You Burn, Invisible Boy and If This Song Had a Name.
Mick Pritchard – Wow, who would have thought that voice would have come from Mick. He played Soul and Blues classics as well as a new song about his tortoise Herbert.
Kevin and Karen Scott, half of Ladybank Supergroup Skin and Bones played “May you never”, ”Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” and a version of The Black Oil Brothers’ Wednesday Afternoon.
Xander Duffy. Well, this was Xander’s second visit to Letham Nights and his voice soared and soared. He is completely unique and engaging, a tremendous voice and song writing skills. His songs featured a couple of covers – Hit the Road Jack and Halo along with his own I Go Back To and the brilliant Freedom.

Then add the acoustic Anthill Mob to finish. They played through rock and Blues classics from AC/DC to Zeppelin, to get everyone dancing.
What a fabulous mix of people – we do have some brilliant talent locally.
All this was seasoned with “peppered” comments from our comedy compere, the very “fruity” Bruce Devlin as each musician took the stage. Thanks Bruce… no really, thanks!

Finally, place on stage, one of the best live band’s the world has ever seen, Luva Anna.

They played for us in November and were truly fantastic then. This time it was no different.
They kicked off with the chillingly beautiful Sea Shanty, a 4 part vocal harmony that had the audience stunned. They then “battered” through old favourites like Coma Girl, Angry Fat Bouncer, Pigeon Song and The Ballad O’ Boaby Smith as well as newer numbers like Dumba Dumba, Sober, This is F*****g Urgent and Postcards – and of course the wonderfully evocative love song ‘Hold Still’.

Two encores were demanded by the audience which had an insatiable appetite for Luva Anna.