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Lynne and the Letham Lullaboys take to the stage!!

Dear Letham Nights lovers,

Who knew?!  When we started up Letham Nights our aim was to provide a stage for local talent, but who knew this would happen….

Local residents of Letham and Monimail Parish, Lynne Harvie and Donald Dallas have been so inspired by Letham Nights that they have put together their own band along with friends Martin Kotlewski and John Arthur and will play their first gig as support to The Banana Sessions and Amy Rayner at Letham Nights #23 on Saturday 3rd March at Letham Village Hall.  Lynne has been a regular devotee of Letham Nights since its inception in 2008 missing only 2 of the previous 22 gigs.  But this time she decided to take things several steps further. Firstly, she wrote a song about Letham Nights – Letham Blues.  And as if that wasn’t enough, she began practising it secretly with local historian, teacher and guitarist, Donald Dallas.  Before they knew it, two other musician friends, Martin and John, came on board to form a 4-piece band – the Letham Lullaboys – and they approached the Letham Nights team about making their debut.

This was too good an opportunity to turn down! We set up Letham Nights to provide a stage for local talent and you can’t get much more local than Lynne and Donald!  We are delighted that Letham Nights has inspired them to make music.  We have had a sneak preview and people will not be disappointed!”

Lynne and the Letham Lullaboys will take to the Letham stage for their first live performance at Letham Nights #23 on 3rd March 2012 at 8pm. They will be followed by NE Fife singer songwriter Amy Rayner and then the magnificent The Banana Sessions.

Surely you are not going to miss this….?!!!

Use the details oppposite to book your ticket.

Michael 🙂

A Real Royal Bevvy!

Well we always knew those fine young ladies who call themselves the Bevvy Sisters were elegant, debonair and sophisticated.  But we didn’t know just how…

Check this out from new Bevvy, Roberta, fondly known as Banana Bevvy…!
Kate Middleton and I are distant cousins [ooh get you! Ed]. I say distant with slight nostalgia… true, we’re not so close these days, but as kids, we had a riot together.

Our favourite thing to do was climb trees in my back garden. We’d always arrive back home completely covered in mud (which I’m sure would come as a bit of a surprise to her new family-in-law). We were also big Singing Kettle fans [Oh dear, had they not heard of the Happy Gang? Ed]. We spent a lot of time singing, “Spout! Handle! Lid of metal! What’s inside the singiiiiiiiing kettle!?” at the top of our lungs through a Fisher Price cassette tape player – complete with toy microphone. Ah, those were the good old days…

As we got a little bit older we grew apart a little. My last memory of us as teenagers was getting a little bit drunk for the first time ever and her telling me how much she admired the Royals. With all due respect, they’ve never really been my cup of tea. I was interested in other things. I think this was when I realised we were growing apart as people. My passion was music, hers was royalty. I suppose it’s understandable, the life of a musician isn’t always a glamorous one. Especially a musician with a penchant for tree-climbing.

So there you are people.  Poor deluded Banana Bevvy – think what she could have become…. But wait a minute!!!  Look what she has become!  A fully fledged Bevvy Sister – and what’s more, playing at Letham Nights on 29th April!!

Hurry now! Only a few tickets left!

Letham Nights 13, The Loveliest Night of the Year

Talking late into the night we got onto the subject of recipe’s. The discussion went onto discuss the fact that recipe’s aren’t

always food related. There are recipes for, say, a happy life, a good book or a perfect day, I bet you have many more examples.

With these thoughts bouncing around our heads Claire, Michael and I thought about the recipe for the perfect Letham Nights.

This is what we came up with

1800g of Celebrating Fife
2 fl oz of Midsummer
7 visiting relatives, From the USA
70°F of fantastic weather
13 Locally sourced performers, young and fresh
6-10 seasoned open mic musicians, various ages
1 compere, preferably juicy
2 professional, performing arts-based practitioners.
100 burgers from Pillars of Hercules
25 punnets of free strawberries
4 pints of cream, optional.
1 Clap and Tipple bar, fully stocked and staffed
1 Luva Anna.

To start, early in the morning mix together the two Arts practitioners with the 13 young performers, leave to photosynthesise for the rest of the day, making sure the creative juices flow nicely. Set aside to marinade towards a performance.

Meanwhile, arrange the Hall, the Clap and Tipple bar, the Pillars burgers, the strawberries, cream and the 7 relatives along with the PA, the Celebrating Fife funding and weather. Leave to soak up the atmosphere.

Then, mix all the elements together for the food part of the day, Make ready the audience by serving great veggie burgers/salad and very tasty free strawberries, allow situation to relax until done. Mix in 70°F temperatures and sunshine.

When replete, start the performance.
It started in a “flash mob” style, no introduction, straight into the performance, the young people walking through the hall from the various entrances. It took the audience a few seconds to realise what was happening. The performance included the spoken word, both solo and collectively, singing and musicianship. They conveyed a surprisingly honest take on teenage thoughts, fears, humour and sorrow. Being in the “gang” or not, loneliness, body image were issues also touched. Haggis man being particularly poignant.
They had written a song called the Loveliest Night of the Year and sang it beautifully.
Huge thanks to the young performers, to the tutors Fiona Miller and Mick Slaven for their fantastic efforts. What they managed to achieve in a day was remarkable.

Next, allow the musicians to play and sing their hearts out. First up, and as a wee taster for the music side of the day Roy Campbell and Mick Slaven performed two songs one of which Roy knew and the other Mick knew, neither had been practised beforehand.
Rhythm Is a Dancer and Pills and Booze were well received.
Steven Tom Smith soulfully sang through his beautiful songs, You Burn, Invisible Boy and If This Song Had a Name.
Mick Pritchard – Wow, who would have thought that voice would have come from Mick. He played Soul and Blues classics as well as a new song about his tortoise Herbert.
Kevin and Karen Scott, half of Ladybank Supergroup Skin and Bones played “May you never”, ”Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” and a version of The Black Oil Brothers’ Wednesday Afternoon.
Xander Duffy. Well, this was Xander’s second visit to Letham Nights and his voice soared and soared. He is completely unique and engaging, a tremendous voice and song writing skills. His songs featured a couple of covers – Hit the Road Jack and Halo along with his own I Go Back To and the brilliant Freedom.

Then add the acoustic Anthill Mob to finish. They played through rock and Blues classics from AC/DC to Zeppelin, to get everyone dancing.
What a fabulous mix of people – we do have some brilliant talent locally.
All this was seasoned with “peppered” comments from our comedy compere, the very “fruity” Bruce Devlin as each musician took the stage. Thanks Bruce… no really, thanks!

Finally, place on stage, one of the best live band’s the world has ever seen, Luva Anna.

They played for us in November and were truly fantastic then. This time it was no different.
They kicked off with the chillingly beautiful Sea Shanty, a 4 part vocal harmony that had the audience stunned. They then “battered” through old favourites like Coma Girl, Angry Fat Bouncer, Pigeon Song and The Ballad O’ Boaby Smith as well as newer numbers like Dumba Dumba, Sober, This is F*****g Urgent and Postcards – and of course the wonderfully evocative love song ‘Hold Still’.

Two encores were demanded by the audience which had an insatiable appetite for Luva Anna.

Want to perform? Create a new piece of theatre with drama and music professionals?

Letham Nights, with support from Celebrating Fife 2010, will be offering an all-day, free drama and music workshop for 12-21 year olds called ‘Do it in a Day’ on Sat 19 June 2010. The participants will kick off Letham Nights with the performance they have co-written and rehearsed that day, followed by local organic food provided by Pillars of Hercules, an open mic set compered by comedian Bruce Devlin and, to finish off the evening, a set from highly-acclaimed Dundee band Luva Anna.
About the workshop

Starting at 10am, with theatre skills, music and your imagination, you will devise a piece of theatre that you will perform at 7pm the same day! If you have an instrument bring it. If you don’t play an instrument and love music this is for you too.

* No Experience Necessary
* 12 to 21 year olds
This workshop is FREE

What will you do in the day…

10am to 12.30pm: workshops…
1.30pm to 5pm: workshops and rehearsals…
7pm: performance… to kick off…

Letham Nights special celebration, the ‘Loveliest Night of the Year’!
Workshop leaders…

Fiona Miller, Director & Theatre Practitioner
Fiona is a highly experienced and versatile artistic director, who designs and devises new drama projects across the UK. She is also: Artistic Director, Tricky Hat Productions / Creative Partner & Lead Artist, National Theatre of Scotland / Associate Artist, Cumbernauld Theatre.

Mick Slaven, Musician
A talented and versatile musician with a wealth of experience in composing, teaching, recording and performing.He has also performed and recorded with: Deacon Blue, Justin Curry, Del Amitri, Leopards, Eddi Reader and many more.

To book your free place please complete this form or contact Michael at the usual address (Top righthand corner)

Letham Nights would like to thank Fife Council for the generous support from Celebrating Fife 2010