The residents of Letham and surrounding areas have been involved in a long running campaign with BEAR Scotland (maintainers of the A92 trunk road) Fife Council and the Scottish Government with regards to the safety issues surrounding the A92 junction.

We fully appreciate that there is a cost implication with all road upgrades and improvements but equally see numerous near misses at this junction on a daily basis. Unfortunately road safety is driven by accident rates and until people start becoming maimed or killed in road accidents, no significant changes are likely to happen. Whilst the red paint that has been put on the road centre line has had some traffic calming /warning effect on this stretch of road, there are still some wreckless overtaking manoeuvres on a daily basis.

Fife Council have now responded to a Feedom Of Information request regarding Accident
which show the junction to have resulted in 7 casualties, 2 of which were serious in the last 5 years. Given the similarity in accident causes and the relatively low volume of cars turning at the
junction these are alarming statistics.


There have been a number of bad accidents over the last year and several minor bumps (which by in large go unreported to the police/council). We don’t want to wait
for somebody to be injured on this road and so would like to record
our own figures of “near misses”. If you area aware of a a nearmiss, contact me or add a comment at the end of this page

We’re looking for when it happened, where it happened and what caused the miss.

What the problem is

Accident Statistics

BEAR necessities?

Traffic Flow Figures

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